1. I have a problem completing the online form. After uploading the particulars, I got a response that the site is unavailable. And I have tried it severally still the same

  2. I posted but no id was given I made a mistake in my email address how do I go about it?

    • You need to edit you account profile then input the correct email address and save it. Or you visit the near by Police Head quarter for guide

  3. I have filled the form to generate ID application to enable me log in but it keeps displaying invalid password.Please, i need solution to enable me log in to fill bio data form.

    • It means you are not inputing the password the way it should be. Please check whether when creating the password you used upper-case or lower-case or numbering while creating the password

  4. I did the registration successfully using my telephone handset. Although I wrote my identification number somewhere, I could not find it. It is now difficult for me to print as I could not login through my desktop. Please help me to obtain my identification number back. My apologies

  5. I ve filled my form as instructed and it shows registered but d tin is I got my id number but which email am I to in put der before putting my id number

  6. I was at the police state command in Benin, Edo state to do my bio-metrics and was told there is a fee of N5,000 to be paid. How true is this, cause I thought it was free. You may get me on 08098590125, please.

  7. Please I can’t the form right now, is not alerting for typing. thanks

    • Reload the page. Its a break of your network you use in browsing. But once you reload the page everything works well again.

  8. Thanks for the information
    I have filled and submitted and was told to keep checking on line
    Please which website, to find out if it’s ready for collection
    Thanks alot

  9. Which website can l log in to find out if my tinted permit is ready for collection Thanks

  10. i was trying to fill the bio data and information of the vehicle butbhe site is not loading, please help us to walk on your site.

    • Its network issue, you have to try again. Better still try at night or in the morning. But its network issue.

  11. Good day, I tried to fill the form but is not accepting my email which I used to register my vehicle. Pls am I expected to use a new email or how do I go about it. Thanks

    • click forget password and a form will show for you to get your lost or forgotten ID

  12. Pls which of d numbers do they require for the nimc number on d national I.D card?? Pls I need response asap.

  13. Gud morning Pls I didn’t write down d application ID number down while registering.. now am finding it difficult to login.. Pls Hw can I get d application ID number again..

    • Click forget password and you will receive all your login details in your email.

  14. Now that we know that the permit isnt free, please how much is it? As Edo state police command is asking for 15,000….and additional express payment of N5,000.

  15. What of those that already have the old permit,can’t dey continue with it,I did mine in 2010 .

  16. Good day,

    I begun applying for a tinted permit in July, 2016 but was unable to complete the process because the vehicle is not registered in my name. I was asked at the Ikeja Police Command to get a Letter of Introduction from the initial owner authorising me to complete the application for the permit. In doing this letter I wish to know where (address) and whom (Person/Designation) to address the letter to.

    Thank you

    • You are to address the letter to that Police office ” Ikeja Police Command” where you will be submitting the letter, for further processing.

  17. Good Team, please i want to know what the NIMC number is? is the application number or the car chassis no. or my drivers licence no…will appreciate your timely feedback. thank you.

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