This is to inform the public interested in working or studying that the Canada 2013/2014 Visa Lottery registration is going on now.

I was was traveling to some were around Lagos Stat,e Nigeria I saw where people where busy writing so I went close to see my self. Get there it was Canada 2013 visa lottery registration that was going on there.

If you are interested in working or studying in Canada then you have to take the chance now. But I have personally check if the 2013/2014 canada visa lottery registration is done online, But I couldn’t find any official website that is registering the Canada 2013 visa lottery. So it seems that the nature of registration is in paper and pen form.

So for any who is interested in the Canada 2013 visa search around your area  where you can get the form then fill it and submit back where you bought the form. In lagos they sell the Canada 2013/2014 visa lottery Form for N500. Depending on your area, they might charge higher or enver lesser.

In case you found any where be sure that it’s Canada 2013/2014 visa lottery¬† registration that is going on befor you submit your details or make any payment.

For more information make use of the comment box below so that other can contribute.

Good Luck.



  1. Am a technisian, i believe i can contribute to greater canadian, with my profesion i will be glad, If my wish will be granted

  2. Well, to move from Nigeria by visa lottery to Canada: and other part of the word that can help younth to work in, and to become a great man.

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