1. I am sick & tired of hitwe mails. There is no option on my blackberry z10 2 delete this account . Pls help.

    • Sorry for that, but the article above has the step to put a stop to all of that you complain.

  2. My nokia asha mobile do not have all that option which shown above . I open hitwe in browser and log in than my page open but there are option such as dicovery , menu etc. So plz tell me how i delete account .plz tell me soon

  3. I’ve tried to delete my account, but i failed. So can you please help me to remove myself from hitwe

  4. This Hitwe is the most stupid and use site I hv had the misfortune of coming across. I don’t understand why they would force someone to be on the site. I want to delete my account but can’t. Delete me already. Haba!!!! Is it by force. Useless people. Please whoever is in charge should get me out of this sick site. Abi is this how Facebook and Twitter and instagram told u they made their money, by forcing people to stay? I am so ooo angry.

  5. I want to delete my hitwe.com account according to your procedure in settings there is not option about delete account so please help me

  6. I am am one of the people who unfortunately would like to delete his account. My inbox is bombarded by the messages I can’t even open let alone awoken by these flimsy emails at midnight, worse part is I do not even remember why or how I joined however I’ve tried to follow the steps given above but does no justice on my part. Yes there’s a ‘settings’ icon unfortunately on my part it doesn’t work or have the option icon. Please I beg of you whomever is in charge just delete my account asseblief mense. No offence intended just take me off.

  7. Delete my account too. I couldn’t do it myself.my account is joynelly

  8. Why does my profile say that I like 1. When I haven’t typed anything to anyone. Also shows my green button when I’m not online. Thank you

  9. My phone is nokia x2. When i go to settings it says i have no profile pls delete my account i need space for more important mails

  10. Pls I am pleading with pls delete my account.. The site is useless.. There is no option of delete as you have said.. Abi what nonsense is all this na.


    • So sorry that you have to do this your self using the step on this page. We don’t create or delete account for people or our fans for security reasons. Am sorry for this. You just have to follow the guide above.

    • Sorry, this is really beyond our reach, we don’t create nor delete account for people. You do that your self following the guide above. Thanks for your understanding

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