1. It nice to serve our fatherland through the NYSC scheme,but what about those of us who may not serve on the basics of age and sickness,what will be their fate since it seems NYSC is the ticket to getting a job?teaching people or student to learn how to lie to God and themselves by back dating their date of birth before joining the labour market.

  2. I paid in the bank but I was not able to print our my registration slip.please what should I do.

    • What was your error you encountered?? was it from the NYSC website or your payment? Please we need to know better what happened so that we can assist you. Kindly let us know soon

  3. I printed my registration slip in black and white…. Hope it doesn’t matter

    • It does matter. Please try and reprint that in colour

  4. Please iv already printed out my registration slip but forgot to edit the course I graduated with..the school uploaded a different course while I printed out anther..pls What can I do..op it won’t affect my mobilization.?.

      • Thnks…but Wat abt my certificate too..or shud I say it won’t av any effect on my bio data at all…just curious to rest assure my mind of d future or if thecorrectionars a need to call nysc help line for any corrections..

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