How to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria

Learn all you should know about recharge card printing business in Nigeria. and Learn how to start it.

One thing I use to advise any body going into any kind of business is to analyze the business if that is what the consumers living around the environment needs at that time.. In recharge card business in Nigeria there are primary things to consider before going into it;

The Dealer (their services)
Your capability.
Price of Pin
The requirements of starting the business

One important thing to do when it comes to recharge card business in Nigeria is to always try as much as possible to analyze different dealers before really venturing into the business.

As a result of this, to make things easier for those that are ready to go into the business without wasting time searching Dealers’ information, I have compiled an easy to understand package of RECHARGE CARD DEALERS in Nigeria which you can patronize, even if you do not have computer and printer (you can go to a caber cafe till you have money to buy the computer).

For information on the Best TOP DEALERS IN NIGERIA were you can buy recharge pins for as low as N91 – N93, with their respective contact addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, and their emails, call or text any of the mobile phone Number 08073999937, 08032934651 or o8182809874 email me on [email protected]

Your text should appear this way;

Name – ………
Location – …..
Phone Number – ……

How to get the Best TOP DEALERS IN NIGERIA and printing Software

1. Go to any of GTBank plc Or First Bank below to make a payment of N4,000 only (Four Thousand Naira only)

Account Number: 0149651074
Bank Name: GTBank PLC


Account Number: 3066151282
Bank Name: First Bank plc


Note; you are to pay N4,000 only into any of the bank listed above.

2. Send your Name, Email address, and Teller Number to 08032934651 or 08054094792. Please always feel free to call on us for any assistance.

3. Wait for 20mins. Your package will be sent to your email address.

The package contains; software, user guide, List of best top dealers in Nigeria (including their price, address, contact Number), and how to catch new customers


ONLINE DAILYS Business Team ensures you with all assistance you need to succeed in the Recharge Card printing in Nigeria. Also share this across.

For More information call +2348032934651. Feel Free to call any time.

Good Luck

  1. honestly i would like to start dz biz but the problem is that i don’t trust any dealer, so i dnt want my mony to swim….. anyway thanks for the information

  2. good day, please am a wholesaler but have opted out from my dealer because of price. please let me know your price of mtn 100 . im interested in doing business with you. am at porthacourt, thanks.

  3. Tel me more about the pin prices, cause am very much interested and how long does it take to deliver ones goods if they have been paid for???

  4. hi !
    I ventured into the bz wt high aspirations buh in frustration now cus of lack of steady supply of e-pins. a lot have bn spent unaccounted for. so I need help please. am 4rm PH

    • U do not have to worry at all. The list of dealers i have, was not just gathered for me to have something to offer to you guys. They are all reliable. I know many of you are frustrated into the business, and that is why i came with a full forces to stop this in my own little way. I will not miss-lead any one. Am sorry for your past experience.

    • Well am very sorry for that. Most people just come online telling people that they have list of dealers and if you check the list of their details its all rubbish. Group of people who dose this are those that do conduct seminal. They will ask u to pay N1000 or N2000 and then give out list of dealers that does not function.

      Our price might be high but we offer reliable dealers.
      The truth of all is that their are very few details in Nigerian. And we are in position of this details.

      No matter your state, our dealers also have branch office there. And even when u are far from them in that particular state, they still have better alternative to reach u.

      Just follow the step in the website page to get your dealers list one time. You will not ask for this again.

      Good Luck.

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