MTN Project Fame Season10 Audition & Registration Date – 2017

MTN Project Fame Season10 Audition & Registration Date - 2017

MTN Project Fame Season 9 for 2016 has ended, Okiemute Ighorodje emerges winner of MTN Project Fame West Africa, and a preparation for the MTN Project Fame Season10 Audition & Registration should be what we all have in mind and taking about right away. Becoming more competitive, more interesting, more entertaining and more engaging – I mean The “MTN Project Fame West African” Signing Talent Show.

By now you all should have known that MTN Project Fame West African is a platform where raw talented musical are nurtured, trained and hopefuls where contestants are groomed for success in an intense Academy.

Over the Years the MTN Project Fame Music Academy has improved with wonderful faculties inside the academy. And new features are now been added for every one to have the opportunity to enjoy  and engage on the PF TV programme. For example, #Why you REP project fame was introduced in 2016, with some other engaging stuffs for viewers at home.

MTN Project Fame Music Academy

The Academy is 100% discipline in such that you are NOT only going to learn Music but also to learn how to live your life, how to live with others, how to be filled and also fill others, how to talk and attract the right ordinance, how to become the really you that GOD has created you to be. The Academy helps you discover more about you that even your parent do not know.

Entry the academy is NOT as easy has it sound here on our blog, but you don’t have to be discouraged for anything, because others who attempted to be in the academy made it in – so you can too. All that it requires is hard working and being at ALERT to know when the project fame season10 audition will be coming up again.

One thing we believe is that “Once you have your way into the MTN Project Fame Music Academy automatically you become a Superstar” it doesn’t matter whether you where the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even the 6th runner”. You become a Winner, who can sing and the world will welcome you for what you present.

Still taking about the “PF Academy” your Cloths, makeups, feeding,  and other things to make you stay comfortable is provided by MTN Project Fame Academy. That is why they are the best Music Academy in Nigeria and African at large.

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2017 MTN Project Fame Season10 Audition & Registration Date

This is where we play our humble rule since is the center of  information.  So may of you are already asking when will the project fame registration form start? The form or link for registration is not out yet.

But we have always do this and will continue to give you guys real update. All you have to do is use the COMMENT BOX below to submit your email address so that as soon as their is an update you will be the 1st to know about it (for free).

When the form/Application portal opens we shall be sharing the requirements, Locations and Venue for Audition, Website and closing date for registration and Auditions.

Please note: we do nothing with your email rather than to send you MTN Project Fame Season10 Audition & Registration Date for 2017 which you ask for.

What’s Good About MTN Project Fame West African?

  • Brings out the real person in you  – that the world wants to see.
  • Teaches you self confident. Shows you how to understand yourself and how you should make others also understand you better.
  • Teaches you about life, personal self, people and environment.
  • Every contestant becomes a STAR
  • Exposes you beyond your imagination
  • Automatically get ride of mental and environmental poverty – Teaching you that you can do all things.

MTN Project Fame Academy  – Rules

To avoid distractions of any kind – in any way, this simple rules are made:

  • No Mobile Phone in the academy – Once you have been selected be prepare to live for 10weeks without a phone by your side.
  • No computer or any internet access devices
  • No messaging to family and friends

Prizes To Be Won in MTN Project Fame 2017 Season 10

  • First Runner – goes home with N5m prize, an SUV, and a recording contract worth millions of Naira.
  • Second Runner – N3m and a saloon car (No recording contract).
  • Third Runner – N2m and a saloon car (No recording contract)
  • Fourth Runner –  N2m (No car)
  • Fifth Runner – N1m (No car)
  • Sixth Runner – N500,000 (No car)

Use the comment box below to drop your email for free update. Also like and share our page on social median (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Integram, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc) and Forums.

  1. I really want to perform in the mtn project fame of 2017. Please let me know when the auditions will come up

  2. Pls if the registrations form for the year 2017 is out Pls let me know through my email ([email protected]) or u text me on my num 08148211014

  3. Pls let me know when season 10 mtn project fame is out. 07035262564.

  4. please what are the requirements for audition, will I need a valid I.d card.? any age limits? please?

  5. I would like to be informed on the date for registration. Mtn project fame season 10 2017

    • Ok, we will update you all, but to be on a saver side, its better you always visit this site for daily updates.

    • We shall let you know as soon as the form is is. But also do good by visiting this website for our every day information. Thanks for commenting

  6. I rep mtn project fame. I love music and would really love to participate in MTN PF SEASON 10

  7. David nik please alert me when the form is out, thank you. You can also call my number 09060077905. I love music, music is my life, and i rep MTN Project fame


  9. pls notify me as soon as the form is on a sale……………………..

    • The Project fame form is usually not for sale. Please do not let people fraud you on that. Cos the registration for is free

  10. please notify me of the registration and audition date for the mtn project fame 2017 through by email or message me with my number 08185039960

  11. Please let me know as soon as the audition forms are in..thanks a lot …+233544655971

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