10 Easy Ways To Gain Online Visibility & Influence

How To Gain online visibility – A lot of people find it hard to grow from obscurity to influence. If you’re a brand, business, coach, consultant or author, you have to pay special attention to this.  Three months is gone already in the year. Where were you when we started 2019 and where are you now? Are you better of, worse of or better still, stagnant?

Shortly we will be saying happy new year once again. Do you want to sing that old song of “nothing is working” or you want to celebrate your wins?  It’s time to take your business to the next level.  In this age of Google, the next thing people do once your name is mentioned is to type it on Google.

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No matter how strong your brand is, if it’s not visible online, it can’t be seen as credible and if it’s not credible it can’t be influential and without influence there is no trust and without trust there’s no sales.

How To Gain Online Visibility & Influence

Here are easy steps you can take to put things right in your business, especially online.

1. Clarity of mission

Who are you and what are you out here to achieve?  You must answer your whys.

2. Be known for one thing in your industry.

Don’t be Jack of all trade.  Specialize or niche down in your industry. The deeper you go in your niche or industry the better.  You will probably take your problem to a specialist than to a generalist.

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3. Focus on your right audience.

Don’t waste your time talking to the wrong people. Identify who you are called to serve and face them squarely. The probability of scaling quickly is high when the solution you are selling are in front of those with the problem.  A paracetamol medicine seller will sell more when he’s in front of people with body pains than with people with cancer.

4. Position yourself as an expert.

Customers don’t want to waste their time and money, they’re looking for who can solve their problem.  Even freebie seeker want to work with experts. The earlier you shove mediocrity and position yourself as an expert in what you do the better for you.  It’s a perception fuel with results and feedback. Branding is important. You can’t be seen as an expert without proper branding.  Your modus operandi as a brand is important. Your carriage, appearance, location and experience you leave people with are very important.

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5. Chose online platforms suitable for your niche, market or audience

You can’t be seen or becomes influential online without building and developing your platforms.  There are many platforms that position you for visibility and influence online such as website, blogs, forums and social media.  Chose the ones suitable for your brand, invest in it and go full blast on them.

6. Tight Content

Content is still the king of business, don’t be deceived. What message are you passing across to your audience, clients and customers? How are you passing across the message? They’re very important. People don’t buy products, they buy emotion. You must learn how to communicate your message or product to your end users in such a way that will appeal to their emotions. That’s what a great content does.

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7. Give value always

Be ever ready to give value and sometimes, for free. Be in the face of your audience all the time giving value. Create products, just to give for free or to sell on discount. Be everywhere solving problems. You’re unknowingly buying their heart gradually.

8. Promotion.

Be ready to invest in your business. Any amount you spend on advertisement is an investment in your business. Competition is getting tougher, you need to reach more people through quality promotion.  Facebook and google ads are very affordable. \

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9. Build strong systems

Don’t leave anything to chance. Be intentional with every of your action. Use systems to build a movement of raving fans. Building funnel, email marketing, messenger bots, Whatsapp group, Telegraph group, blog and Facebook group. Then keep nurturing your audience therein until you and your brand become a god to them.

10. Collaboration

A tree can’t make a forest. Build alliance with your competition and influencers in your industry. Network with them, share ideas and promote each other on your platforms.

So, these are the important strategies you must adopt to gain online visibility and influence.

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