11 Successful Ways To Get People Like And Comment On your Facebook Posts

Have you ever seen a Facebook user tag up to 50 persons to a post and barely get about 6/7 likes and two comments? Probably, it has been happening to you for long and you want to grow above that stage? Follow my lead as I guide you through the 11 Successful Ways To Get People Like And Comment On your Facebook Posts.

It is very frustrating when you update a Facebook post and nobody seems to like or let alone comment on it. At one stage or the other, we’ve all been there. It’s not like people don’t read it, they do yet cannot like or even comment. But, many have surmounted this hurdle while some are still struggling over it. It is easy and simple. It’s not rocket science. You can get over 20 comments and likes on your Facebook posts even without tagging anybody. Here are the easy, cost-less ways  to get people like and comment on your Facebook posts and to enhance your online reputation.


  1. Comment On And Like Other People’s Post

    Life is a seed and we get what we give. The first step towards getting likes and comments on your updates is for you to give them. People will in turn feel the need to “reward”in return by liking and commenting on your posts. Easy? Just very easy!!!

  2. Write Quality and Inspirational Ideas

    People are moved by quality and information. Often, they are compelled to comment and like on your post based on the quality that runs through your work. You must be able to improve the quality of what you post and you will see the comments flowing with ease.

  3. Post Solution to Current Problems

    Individuals come on social media to seek for solutions to existing problems. Directing your posts to address these challenges will definitely have people liking and commenting on your posts. During the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and many other parts of the world, people effortlessly sought for and engaged on posts that provided solutions. Discover any existing problem and provide solutions to them.

  4. Add pictures

    Pictures speak more than thousand words. The stress you go through in typing and forming words could well be summarised by a simple picture. Moreover, people are drawn to pictures. Attach relevant pictures to your posts.

  5. Carve A Niche

    Be known for something. Discover what you know too well, and develop it. Become a voice in that particular field and people would always refer to you. Whenever they need information on the given area, they know you won’t disappoint. Your field could be relationships, politics, finance, academics etc. Carve a Niche and grow it.

  6. Engage Your Audience

    You can engage your audience by posting articles that solicits their response. The catch is this: make it controversial. Everyone has an opinion and wants to be heard. The more controversial, the more comments you get. You could post something like “Women cheat more than men”. The response will be more than you imagined. Try it out now!!!

  7. Have An Online Presence

    You have to be present to engage your Facebook friends. Acknowledge their efforts in commenting on your post by liking their comments and also answering their questions. You could also mention them in your response. It increases their morale and would always bring them back because they know you have time for them.

  8. Be Consistent

    You have to be consistent in your posts. You don’t post once a month and expect to have hundreds of comments flowing. Posting twice a day is often encouraged but you could twist it to your convenience. However you do it, make sure your audience have you at the back of their minds daily. I’ve heard people tell me they come online only to read my posts and they always have it. So, be consistent and they will take you serious.

  9. Be Factual

    In your posts, ensure the facts you give are correct. Be sensitive to details and accuracy such that when people crosscheck your facts, they will come to trust you. A little research can improve the content of your write ups.

  10. Know Your Timing

    You must know the best time to post. However, this must be determined by your knowledge of your audience. What is the best time your friends are mostly online? For me, i reach a greater number of my friends between 7-9am and 6-9pm. Basically, people tend to be more online in the morning and late in the evening when they are back from work and other engagements.

  11. Follow The Trends

    Be up to date with trending events and give your opinions. It shows you are current and people like to engage in current happenings.

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