13th African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2017 Winners – See Full List

13th edition of the African Movie Academy Awards has come and gone and winners have emerged as well. It was fun, suspense-filled, thrilling and action-packed as the 13th African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2017 Winners emerged. The awards were won across African countries. So, who made the list and in what categories?

It was a special night for Osuofia (Nkem Owoh) who bagged the AMAA lifetime achievement award. The Nigerian Epic movie ’76 also won many awards. So let us get to the 13th African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2017 Winners. It would interest you to know the other winners.

13th African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2017 Winners

The following are the full winners in the 13th African Movie Academy Award.

  • Best short film: A Place For Myself (Rwanda) & A Place In the Plane (Senegal)
  • Best animation: Got Flowers (Nigeria)
  • Achievement in costume: Queen of Katwe (Uganda)
  • Best documentary: Mama Colonel (DRC)
  • Best film in an African language: Felicite (Senegal)
  • Achievement in production design: ’76 (Nigeria)
  • Best Diaspora short: 90 Days (US) & Kbela (Brazil)
  • Achievement in makeup: Oloibiri (Nigeria)
  • Best production: ’76 (Nigeria)
  • Best soundtrack: Felicitè (Senegal)
  • Achievement in sound: Vaya (South Africa)
  • Achievement in cinematography: The Last Of Us (Tunisia)
  • Best film by an African living abroad: While We Live (Burkina Faso/Sweden)
  • Achievement in editing: Felicitè (Senegal)
  • Achievement in screenplay: Vaya (South Africa)

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  • Best young/promising actor: Medina Molanga (Queen of Katwe)
  • Tony Elumelu award for best comedy: 3 Wise Men (Nigeria)
  • Best actress in a supporting role: Angelique Kidjo (CEO: Nigeria)
  • Best actor in a supporting role: Papi Mpaka (Felicitè: Senegal)
  • AMAA lifetime achievement award: Nkem Owoh (Nigeria)
  • Best actress in a leading role: Vero Tshanda (Felicitè: Senegal)
  • Best actor in a leading role: Jahwar Soudani (The Last of Us: Tunisia)
  • Lagos state award for best Nigerian film: ’76 (Nigeria)
  • Best first feature film by a director: Daouda Coulibaly (Wulu: Mali)
  • Best director: Akin Omotosho (Vaya: South Africa)
  • Special recognition award: Celine Loader
  • Best film: Felicitè (Senegal)

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Congratulations to the 13th African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2017 Winners. Share your comments and best wishes to them.

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