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20 things You Should Know About New Yahoo Mail Account

yahoo mail account

There are important features about  New Yahoo Mail Account which I believe will be necessary for you to know about. Here are 20 things you might not know about New Yahoo Mail Account.

  1. Yahoo! Mail’s spam filter could be more precise and its manual rules more flexible
  2. You cannot label messages freely (and with multiple tags) or set up smart folders
  3. Yahoo! Mail does not offer IMAP access for desktop email programs
  4. Yahoo! Mail offers free email accounts with 1 TB online storage at the, and domains.
  5. You can access Yahoo! Mail on the web, via POP and through IMAP (the latter using certain devices and email programs at least); you can also have mail at your Yahoo! Mail account forwarded to another email address.
  6. In addition to email, you can send SMS texts and instant messages to Yahoo!, Facebook and Windows Live contacts.
  7. Yahoo! Mail automatically collects junk emails in a “Spam” folder, and you can report unwanted emails the filter missed.
  8. Disposable email addresses let you create—and delete again—throwaway addresses that deliver to your Yahoo! Mail account (only) as long as they are active.
  9. Up to 200 filters automatically file incoming mail. You can also block email addresses and instant messaging contacts.
  10. Yahoo! Mail allows you to collect mail from additional POP accounts, and you can send from their addresses using the web interface, too.
  11. Acting as a social network, Yahoo! Mail lets you connect to Yahoo! and Facebook users, whose mail then gets extra treatment.
  12. Virus scanning and Yahoo! Mail’s not downloading remote images or other content in emails protects you from much online harm.
  13. Keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, tabs, address auto-completion and more lend Yahoo! Mail desktop-like qualities.
  14. On mobile devices, Yahoo! Mail offers slick web-based or powerful native applications (available for Android and iPhone).
  15. A Windows 8 app works much like the Windows 8 email program and sports new mail notifications on the Start screen.
  16. All connections to Yahoo! Mail (through the web, via apps and through IMAP, POP and SMTP) are use encryption by default for security.
  17. Paid Ad Free Yahoo! Mail excludes advertisements.
  18. Yahoo Mail Account has two types of account; The Yahoo Mail Business Email Plans (Not Free) and The Free Yahoo Mail Plan
  19. Yahoo Mail official websites are; and
  20. With the new Yahoo Mail, you can enjoy breaking local, national and global news, finance, sports, music, movies online.



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