Konga Affiliate Program

2016 Best Nigeria Online Marketplace for Buying Electronics, Clothing

Why stressing your self and transport visiting all stores checking out for something good to buy – when they are fully available here Online? As a mater of fact Nigeria is growing global – meaning that most people not only believe the possibility of buying things online exist. And that is the most reason most online marketplace are now expanding day in – day out.

But for the propose of those who are also willing to join the team of buying things online without any form of fear and doubt, view below as I present to you the  2016 Best Nigeria Online Marketplace for Buying Electronics, Clothing, including other categories of products.

2016 Best Nigeria Online Marketplace for Buying Electronics and Clothing

  • Konga.com Online Marketplace

Konga Affiliate Program
Konga.com home sells page

Konga is the #1 top Best Nigeria Online Marketplace for Buying Electronics and Clothing. Once you make an other – you are sure of getting your goods delivered to you at due time scheduled on your purchase invoice.  To start purchasing thing s from the website, you are required to sign up first. This will make you own an account with them, because at the process of buying products the invoice will be sent to your email which you are going to use for claiming the goods. To visit the website visit www.Konga.com. Or better still download the application for Android with is more faster to doing any purchasing. Goto Google play Store for free download.

  •  Jumia Online Marketplace

Jumia Affiliate - website page

Jumia is regarded to be the online marketing place after Konga.com. They are owned by different people, but  still have the same product to sell out. But its always important to do something very important before buying any product.Visit www.jumia.com.ng. For quick access also goto Google play Store for free Jumia App download.


Analyzing Products Before Purchasing

Make sure to check the price of the product you are about to buy on the two website before taking your decision. This is simple because in some cases the product may the lesser in price in one and higher in price on the other website. But note that getting your products after buying them is 100% sure.


Some one will ask; Why do we recommend this Nigeria Online Marketplace for Buying Electronics, Clothing or  other other categories of products?

Its very simple!

  1. I want you  to know that this two companies now has outlets across Nigeria states/local government areas. So where to pick your goods will always be close to you for claiming.
  2. The their effort on publicity, they are now known and they have a stand in an online marketplace in Nigeria.
  3. They also run promotion like; Black Friday deal, Holiday sales deal, etc. At this time times are cheap to the minimum .

Kindly share this information across to others. Also note that when we gather new website that can provide the services you need – we shall list -join them with others listed above.

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