2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition – Online Registration

2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition
2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition Registration Form

This is to inform the general public, mostly does who meet to the requirements and can use the Knorr perfectly well to note that the online registration for 2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition has started. Below is the procedures and requirements for the audition.



How to Participate in the 2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition

  1. Visit the Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 official website for the online registration
  2. Fill the form & Submit, Then.
  3. Create a 2 to 3 minute video and Upload on YouTube.
  4. Return to The Knorr Taste Quest Registration page, insert the link to your YouTube video
  5. Submit

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Requirements for the 2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition

  1. You must be twenty one (21) years of age or older on May 1st, 2016;
  2. You must be a Nigerian citizen residing in Nigeria;
  3. You cannot have any formal tertiary or other professional catering qualifications acquired in the last 10 years.
  4. You must be in good health and able to withstand the physical and mental rigour of participating in the Program.
  5. Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Do not leave any questions unanswered.
  6. You must be able to commit to all the filming days required. The filming is scheduled to take place between approximately April / May 2016 and July 2016 (as such dates may be varied by the Producer) for approximately 6 weeks.

Prize to Be Won in Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Show;

If you perform well, you stand a chance to win 5 million naira in knorr taste quest season 4.

Please Note: Submission of an application form and compliance with the above does not in any way constitute an offer to appear on the program. The producers may (but may not) invite you to attend an interview at their discretion. Click Here to read Terms $ Conditions

For more question(s) concerning the Online Registration for  2016 Knorr Taste Quest Season 4 Audition, use the comment box below as our team are here to assist you all through.

Good Luck.


    • you need to first of all go to http://www.youtube.com and create an account, then make your video and upload it there (on your youtube account) then use the video link to sign up 2016 Knorr Taste Quest show

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