2016 NYSC Stream 2

2016 NYSC Stream 2 – print your callup letter now

Following the current worried that the Batch A 2016 NYSC Stream 2 callup letter, with question asking by every one; when will printing start, how do we know the printing has started, how do we print it online.

I have always make update concerning this 2016 NYSC Stream 2 printing of callup letter.

But this morning I come with a good news to inform you all that the printing of 2016 NYSC Stream 2 callup letter has now started. Most of you got the sms from NYSC. But for those who did not get the SMS can now follow this step to print your callup letter now;

2016 NYSC Stream 2 – How to print your callup letter online

The information just got to us that every one can now start to print their call up letters online, via the official website following this step below;

  1. Logo to http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4/NYSC Call-Up Letter Batch A 2016 Stream 2 Printing Portal
  2. enter your email address and password
  3. click the “resume”
  4. Click the link that say’ “Print Call up letter”2016 NYSC Stream 2

Make sure to print on colour printing machine

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Please note that You have just few days to do this. that is why you also do good sharing this information to others too, please.

Good Luck.

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