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Are you yet to open a new YahooMail account? Well, it takes nothing to get one free email account. This page will work you through the process of creating a new account for free

The New YahooMail Registration form allows you to create your account for free. The registration process remains the same, and nothing big has changed.

What Is Yahoo Mail?

YahooMail.com is an online mailing website that allows registered users to receive and/or send mail from friends and family or business partners.

Massages can can contain files, images, videos, etc. An email account can also be used as a medium of storage of important documents – saving them on draft.

Who needs an email account?

Everyone needs it, gone are those days where letters are been posted via the post office, the recipient will wait for weeks or months to receive it, which even costs more money.

But electronic mailing makes everything seamless. Although in some cases and for some reason posting letters still exist. But in rear cases.

Be you a student, trader, working-class, etc. we all need ane email account because it’s an effective way of fast communications and sharing large files.

Once you have created a new Yahoo Mail account, you will be able to send and receive emails from other Yahoo mail users, PLUS other mailing companies like; Gmail.com, AOL, Outlook.com, Mail.com, etc.

Types of Yahoo Mail Account

There are TWO-types of YahooMail Registration form/account you can own. The business Yahoo account and the personal yahoo account

The business yahoo mail account has it different web access – www.yahoosmallbusiness.com

While the personal (individual) Yahoo account link is – www.yahoomail.com

Business Yahoo Mail Account

You want your email to look professional and official, right?

This is a type of yahoo account that small and big organization uses.

The Yahoo Business Mail includes customized email addresses, leading antivirus software, award-winning spam protection, and a domain name.

You’ll get a customized yahoo mail address for example; service@john.com or john@service.uk, support@onlinedailys.com (like having your business name at the end), etc.  This is one of the main features of

Also, the Business Yahoo Mail allows multiple login, large storage capacity, ads display is removed.

Opening a business account is not free. There is always a charge $25 setup fee for it.

Personal Yahoo Mail Account

It is a free email that anyone can open for free. Individuals and some businesses use this personal email (if they can’t afford the business email).

The individual email extension also ends with @yahoomail.com.

For example, john234@yahoomail.com

How to Create A New YahooMail Registration Account

Creating a new yahoo mail account for an individual is usually free. Here I’m going to put you through on how to create New Yahoo Mail Account in 2016.

Creating A Yahoo Mail Personal Account

  1. Lunch your browser to access www.yahoomail.com, or login.yahoo.com
  2. Once you do that – a Yahoo Login Page will open – Click on “Sign Up for a  New Account
    2016 New YahooMail Registrationyahoo mail sign up
  3. Click on the ‘Create account” after filling the form correctly.
  4. you will also be required to use your phone number to verify the account by using the verification code which will be sent to you.

Creating Business Yahoo Email

Step 1: Create a login ID

Visit the Yahoo Small Business home page here.

On the top-right, click the sign-in icon.

Click the Create Account link.

Make sure completing the with the right information of you.

Then Follow the reCaptcha steps.

Then Mark the checkbox if you read and agree to the Terms of Service.

Then click the Create Account button.

Please note; You should expect to receive an email to the email address you entered. But you can click the resend email link on the next page in case you do not receive the email.

Step 2: Activate Your Account

Check the email and click the Activate my account button. Note: You can also click the link provided in the email.

Step 3: Login Account Again

Sign in with your login ID (the email address you entered) and password.

On the Welcome page, you will see your First and Last name and User ID (login ID). For the following fields and options:

  • Enter an Alternate email address.
  • Enter a Mobile phone number.
  • Mark the checkbox if you agree that we may call or text you as described in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Enter an Alternate phone number (not required).
  • Select two Security Questions and Answers.
  • Choose the option for the service: Business, Non-Profit, or Personal.
  • Then click Continue.

That’s it!

Yahoo Mail Mobile App Download

You can also have quick access to your mail via Yahoo Mail mobile app. All you need to do is download the latest version of it into your phone.

So if you wish to get Yahoo Mail App for mobile check below to click and download the one that fits your kind of mobile phone:

For AndroidClick here to download

For iPhone & iPadClick here to download

For Nokia – You need to download it from the Nokia store or download a Yahoomail APK app, then follow the installation instruction.

For Windows Phones – Click here to Download Now

How to Login Yahoo Email Account

Logging into account is as easy as ABCD. Your email address and password is required. The same applies if you’re using the Yahoo Mobile App.

Simply access the web page www.yahoomail.com to login.


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