4 Ways To Increase 3G Data Connection Speed

4 Ways To Increase 3G Data Connection SpeedProbably, you may not have been aware that you can increase 3G data connection speed for your phone. But, the good news is that it is very possible. One of the frustrating experiences in browsing is to have a slow data connection speed. It frustrates and delays whatever you want to do online. Here we’ll talk about a few helpful tweaks that you can make to your Android phone to speed up your mobile connection. You deserve the best and we are giving it to you right away.

A slow data connection is a real turn off as we are not able to browse properly and download our favourite content. But what if we told you that you can increase 3G data connection speed with some simple steps?  Yes, you read it right. You can improve your internet experience by following some really simple steps. Keep reading to know how you can speed up your 3G connection.

4 Ways to Increase 3G Data Connection Speed

4 Ways To Increase 3G Data Connection SpeedWe will limit ourselves to just 4 ways to increase 3G data connection speed in your phone. These four ways are guaranteed to give you a good, fast browsing experience.

Choose A Good Browser

To increase your phone data speed, you must first and foremost choose a very reliable phone browser. There are various web browsers available for you to purchase. We have earlier written on the best web browsers that are notably fast. These browsers can increase your browsing speed. Some of the recommended fast web browsers are Google Chrome, Opera Mini Max, Puffin browser etc.

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Disable Images In Browser

Since images contribute in slowing data connections, disabling images in browsers is another way to increase 3G Data connection speed. For the fastest possible internet experience, try putting your browser in Text Only mode. Not all browsers support this capability, but it can be found in most settings menus. Once you turn your browser to text-only mode, it will prevent the images from getting loaded. This will increase network speeds quite a bit.

Clear Cache

Cache is one of the major issues which make your device slow. This is one of the common problems of phones running older version of Android. Having a stuffed cache can slow down everything about your phone, including internet browsing experience. So in order to have better internet connectivity, just clear the cache. Go to your phone’s Settings > Applications and select the app whose cache you want to clear. You can also install an app cache cleaner, which will clear the cache of all the apps at once.

Quickly Uninstall Memory Hogging Apps

Many apps are very notorious in hogging phone memory. They take up a lot of space and also run in the background, making the phone sluggish. Some widgets also tend to be bigger offenders when it comes to memory use. So, in order to have a better and faster internet experience, just get rid of those widgets and also uninstall the apps that you don’t using actively.

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Here you are. We want to hear your thoughts on how you increase your phone browsing speed. However, anywhere you feel you did not clearly understand, we will gladly attend to your questions. Just use the comment box below. Thank you.

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