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5 Best Password Managers You Must Use In 2019

If you are online and you aren’t thinking of your online security, then something must be wrong. There is increase in the rate of online theft. Hacking activities are on the increase. The era for using your children’s birthday as your password is gone. This present time requires serious thought about your security. This is why we bring you the best password managers for 2019.

Passwords are the bane of online existence. It seems like everywhere you go, every site you visit, you need a password. Some people solve the problem by using simple, memorable passwords. Others just use the same password on every site—simple! Too simple; those folks are just asking for trouble. Simple, memorable passwords are easy for hackers to guess. And if you use the same password on many sites, even a strong one, being compromised on one site exposes all your logins.

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It is usually advised to use different passwords on almost every sites you visit. As a matter of fact, you need to create a very strong password. This makes it hard for you to be targeted online. In this way, when one account is hacked, others remain safe. This is why we advocate to use any of these best password managers.

A password manager takes the work away from you. You do not have to remember all these passwords you use. What they do is to save your password so you can easily remember and retrieve at any time you wish to use them.

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5 Best Password Managers 2019

Below are some of the best password managers out there today.

1. Keeper Security

Keeper Security offers a range of password solutions for enterprise, business, family, and personal levels, making it one of the most scalable password managers we’ve ever seen. It uses two-factor authentication and secure file storage to keep your information protected.

Keeper also has a lot of practical features that personal users will greatly appreciate, including version history — which can restore previous versions of your records as needed in case something goes wrong — and emergency access for five different contacts that will be able to access your passwords.

Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

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2. Dashlane

If there is a password manager you must use, then, add this amongst your options. Dashlane is intuitive and simple, bolstered by two-factor authentication and the ability to change a multitude of passwords spanning multiple sites with just a few clicks. The fact that Dashlane’s memory footprint gets smaller with every update is only a plus, as is its ability to securely store pivotal notes and share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts in case you have trouble with your account.

The software also allows you to store your passwords locally within an encrypted vault, or automatically sync them across your devices. Its digital wallet grants you a convenient means for tracking and making purchases at various online retailers (even if you don’t have a previous account set up with them).

Available on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

3. LastPass

LastPass is a fantastic password manager, and it’s free so long as you don’t mind getting by without the full suite of premium features. Once you’ve set up your master password, LastPass allows you to import all of your saved login credentials — usernames and passwords — from Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari.

It then helps you to delete information from your computer to keep it secure, prompting you to do little more than remember your super-secure master password. Other free LastPass features include two-factor authentication, free credit monitoring, multiple identities, and even an auto-fill feature designed to streamline your shopping.

Available on Windows, Linus, MAC, Chrome

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4. Sticky Password

From the creators of AVG Antivirus, Sticky Password is a free password manager that includes a premium version with extra cloud features. It boasts strong password generation, AES-256 encryption and very intuitive navigation, particularly for mobile devices.

Sticky supports a wide variety of browsers including outliers like Pale Moon, Yandex, and SeaMonkey on desktop (mobile is a bit more limited). You also have secure cloud-encrypted syncing options between devices that help protect sensitive data over a wireless connection. In addition to traditional sign-in options, Sticky supports both Face ID and fingerprint sign-ins for passwords. Sticky offers both simplicity and professional service, making it a strong choice for a new business.

Available on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

5. 1Password

Another extremely popular and reliable password manager is 1Password. Featuring a strong password generator, as well as username and password storage (including secure sharing), it excels when it comes to its intuitive user interface and the built-in “watchtower” service designed to notify you of ongoing website breaches. The software’s digital wallet also allows you to securely save everything from your logins and credit card information to sticky notes and network passwords.

Available on Windows, Mac, iOS & Android


To Use a password manager is very helpful and comes with lots of benefits. If you must use one, which we advise, you can choose from these Best Password Managers we listed here for you.


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