5 Ways To Detect Fake Instagram Accounts And Why You Should Avoid Them

Earlier this year, Instagram users woke up to find out that their number of followers were greatly reduced. After much fear, it was discovered that Instagram auto-deleted millions of fake accounts. This led to the reduction in people’s followers. Due to the nature of Instagram algorithm, a lot of people are creating fake accounts for different purposes. We want to show you how you can identify these fake Instagram accounts easily.

So, before you decide to ask why you should identify Fake instagram accounts, let’s help you. Having fake accounts on Instagram follow you does not help you in any way. Let’s see ways you stand to lose.

Why To Avoid Fake Instagram Accounts

Here are the reasons you need to avoid fake Instagram accounts.

  1. They won’t buy from you: If you sale goods and services, those fake accounts will not buy from you. They just add to your number of followers, giving you fake hope.
  2. Also, they won’t engage you: Fake accounts rarely like or even comment on your account. As you know, the only way to grow your visibility on Instagram is through high engagements. Therefore, if they do not like, comment on your post, they are not helping you.

These are the two major ways you stand to lose with having fake Instagram accounts as your followers. Now, let’s see how you can identify them easily.

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How To Identify Fake Instagram Accounts

Here are the best way to detect those scam accounts on Instagram.

1. Poor Page Engagement

One major characteristics of fake accounts is that they have high followers and low engagement. Often, you can see some accounts with over 10k followers but they barely have upto 50-100 likes and comments. Majority of fake accounts have this in common.

2. Fake pictures

Another simple but difficult way to identify a fake account is the use of fake pictures. If an account, you will know because they will most often look like a professional picture of a very attractive person. They will have few pictures of themselves which seem to have been taken in the same situation or same day. Most times these pictures are stock pictures that where downloaded online.

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3. Spam/Irrelevant Comments & Tagging

Notice that there are some accounts who will always comment the same thing with the same emojis for every of your posts. Such as ‘Nice Short’, with a thumbs up or two-fingers emojis. These accounts are mostly likely to be fake as the comments are generated by bots.

4. Deceitful Product Placement

If you’re following someone that is not real or being paid for their posts, you’ll know because they’ll pop a discrete #ad or #spon on the end of some posts. Just take a closer look o Instagram again, you will see thousands of this type of accounts.

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5. Fake Celebrities Accounts

Celebrities and public figures are the people whose accounts are mostly faked. Social media fraudsters use this avenue to pose as who they are not and dupe people of cash. Most times newbies and others do fall for their archery. This is how to know that an account is a fake celebrity account:

All celebrities and public figures have their Instagram accounts already verified. The verification symbol is the small white tick on a blue background, beside the account, confirming the authenticity of the account. Most fakers add or remove letters to the official Instagram name of the celebrity that if you’re not carefully you will easily fall prey.

Instagram Fake Account Checker

There are some tools you can use to check fake accounts online. One of the most popular is social blade. You can use tools like that to check out fake accounts On Instagram.

Have you seen most of these fake accounts? How do you react to their spam posts?

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