How to Get 5x Recharge Bonus on Glo, MTN, and Airtel Lines – See 5x Recharge Code

This is the kind of bonuses we want to be seeing because these network providers keep benefiting from their subscribers without giving anything back in return.

Now if you are yet to know how to get 5x Recharge Bonus on Glo, MTN, and Airtel Lines then you are on the right page to learn how and get the 5x recharging code for those networks.

You have entered the right page to learn the official 5x recharge code and learn about other information you should know as regards to the recharge.

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Why the 5x Recharge Bounse?

Let’s say it is a litle way of giving back to Nigerians. We’ve suffered!

Should we talk about the bad network, high rate call charges, or high cost of data boundle.

Kudos to Glo that started the slash and incresae of data to it users, which has recently lead other Network providers in Nigeria to have no other option but to play along.

No you see the almighth MTN offering almost the same data boundle on the same price rage of Glo.

But yet Glo remains the “Baba for data”, indeed they are.

Even before the 5x bonus came invoke, Glo offers different plans that blast its users plenty of data and credit to call any network in Nigeria, unlike other netwwork providers that has restrictions on networks to call and amount allocated to call other networks. This are part of information you will learn about the 5x recharge bonuse.

5x Recharge Bonus Code for Glo

We all know that Glo is fund of giving names to their promos, just like that 5x bonus – you may have been watching advertizment of a woman who makes calls through out the day without heusting it.

Glo AMEBO is the GAME!

The GLO Amebo 5x bonus is available for all the new and old GLO Prepaid subscribers irrespective of their tariff profile provided that the process of getting the bonus is followed.

Glo dons’t have any specific denominations to recharge before getting the 5x bonus, although it has a duration it last before it expires, perphas it can be extended. For example, if you already recharged 100 Naira airtime which is valid for 14 days; along the line, you topped up with 500 Naira recharge card which will extend your bonus to 30 days.

How to Recharge Glo 5x Bonus (5x Recharging Code)

Dial code 555PIN# and you’ll get five times the value of your recharge from N100 and above.

How To Check The Bonus Balance

Just dial *555*5# and the balance will displayy on your screen.

Glo 5x E-top up Recharge Bonus Code

Glo also offers 5x recharge bonus when you recharge through the e-top up channels. But their are specifice denominations that attracts the 5x bonus.

DenominationRecharge TypeMain AccountAll Net Bonus
After the top-up, you’ll receive a message asking if you wish to subscribe to the Glo Amebo 5x recharge bonus offer. Follow the directions given in the message and you’ll get the 5x recharge bonus of your top-up.

Benefits of Glo Amebo

  • You will enjoy five times the value on every recharge of N100 and above.
  • The bonus validity for N100 and N200 recharge is for 14 days. Then 30 days validity for N500 and N1000 recharge.
  • The recharge bonus can be used to call any network in Nigeria.
  • Also, you can call 5 international destinations, browse and send text messages. The international destinations are China, Canada, India, UK and USA.
S/NRecharge AmountMain Account (N)5X Bonus account (N)Bonus Validity (Days)
1100050014 Days
220001,00014 Days
350002,50030 Days
41,00005,00030 Days

Note that call rates with the 5x recharge bonus are at 60k/sec for both local and international calls.

Local calls to All Networks60k/sec
Calls to 5 Int’l destinations60k/sec
SMS to All local NetworksN20/SMS

How to Opt-Out of Glo Amebo Offer

Simply stop recharging your phone using the *555*PIN# code. Instead, use the traditional *123*PIN# method.

And when you do an e-top up, simply ignore the message asking about the 5x recharge bonus.

5x Recharge Bonus Code for MTN

MTN always sends a regular message to it users; that you get credit worth of #1,000 after you recharge #200 – to call network. That is to say, the more your recharge using the 5x Recharge Bonus Code for MTN the more you get your 5x recharge credited to you.

To do this…

Simply Dial *888*the recharge PIN#

For example; *888*1234567891230#

How to check MTN 5x recharge bonus balance

To check your 5x MTN recharge credit balance dial *559*14#


  • The recharge credited to you will valid for 30days.
  • You can call all networks with it
  • You won’t get the bonus if you recharge directly from your Bank acct or other financial mobile billing Apps – like PalmPay, Opay, Jumia One App, etc

6x Recharge Bonus Code for Airtel

Airtel steps up the game by giving 6xd of your recharge credit. Recharging on Airtel for the bouns has a different approch unlike the other network providers. Here you have to recharge then convert your recharge to the 6x recharge bonus.

See the steps for doing it.

This can be done in two ways and also has separate recharge bonus, all will be listed below.

Step 1.

Simply Dial *555*the recharge PIN#

To check your bonus balance Dial *123*1#


  • You will receive 6x of your bonus including the amount you recharge.
  • You can call any network with 60% of your bonus and an extra 40% for Airtel to Airtel.
  • An extra talk more time will be given to you at the end of every month.

Step 2.

Simply Dial *126*the recharge PIN#

You can now activate the Talkmore by Dialing *234*the airtime amount# and send. An immediate message to confirm your Talkmore activation will be sent to you.

USSD code to check Airtel 6x talkmore balance

To check your Talkmore bonus balance *123*5#


  • You can call any network with 100% of your bonus.
  • You will also receive a free data bonus.
  • You can recharge from your bank and still activate the bonus.

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