6 Most Effective Ways To Becoming A Successful Public Speaker

When you hear of public speaking, it is not surprising to start thinking of Brian Tracy, Joshua Awesome, Fela Durotoye, George Essien, Sam Adeyemi etc. These are men that have utilised the 6 most effective ways to becoming a successful public speaker and are doing excellently today. The good news is that you too can become a success story. You can become a household name in public speaking. It is possible.

The 6 most effective ways to becoming a successful public speaker is here to enlighten you on what you need to put in place to become the voice you have always wanted to be. Through public speaking, many have fulfilled destiny and have imparted nations. Martin Luther King was one of such men. We simply want to show you how you too can become a sought-after public speaker. Take your time to read and digest what we are about to share with you right now.

6 Most Effective Ways To Becoming A Successful Public Speaker

There are several ways one can excel in public speaking. But these 6 ways have been tried and trustworthy and we believe they could help you also.

Choose The Area you want to be known for: Most successful public speakers are known for a particular field/area. One of the Most Effective Ways To Becoming A Successful Public Speaker is to choose where you want to be known for. This is often discoverable by identifying your areas of passion, observing a societal problem or basically your area of life purpose. Achieving this helps you to concentrate your efforts towards developing and improving that very aspect and carving a niche for yourself.

Develop yourself: Knowing your area of focus is the first step. The other is to develop yourself. To become a good public speaker, you must have an expert knowledge of whatever you are speaking about. People pay to listen to you. You are honour-bound to give them the best. You must attend speakers’ conferences, read vast and extensive as well as having a mentor over you. Improve your speaking skills and also inter-personal skills. These are all needed in advancing an effective public speaking career.

Volunteer For Free speeches: Start offering speeches on your expertise to people within your circle. Offer them at no charge. Brian Tracy said “Before you can be paid to speak you have to have given 300 free talks. Some people say 100 talks and some people say they have given 500 talks, but keep offering free talks on a subject that you really care about and that you’re an expert at.” By offering free talks, you are building your speaking career and improving yourself. Before long, you are thrown into paid speaking.

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Join a speakers’ club: within your local community, there could be some public speaking clubs for pro and emerging speaking talents. Joining these clubs help horn your talents and fine-tune you into excelling as a speaker. Further, not only is it a training ground for you, it also helps you to network strategically. You could get to meet mentors and also people who would introduce you to your speaking audience.

Improve on your spoken English: English language is the most used official language across the globe. A public speaker must have to deal away with the infringements of mother tongue and local accents in other to attract a more official platform. Learn how to communicate what you mean. Always be very simple in your use of terms. Choosing a bloated vocabulary would greatly hamper your career if your audience cannot understand whatever you are passing across to them.

Maintain an online presence: The world and businesses today are driving by the social media and technology. As a potential public speaker, you must harness the power of the media. You could always take a shot of your free speaking engagements and upload on your social media platforms. Record your messages and share with friends. Write a blog. Do whatever it takes to let people know of what you can do. Let them take notice of you through your strategic online presence.

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Here you are with the 6 Most Effective Ways To Becoming A Successful Public Speaker. This is by no means the only ways to making it. But these points raised above are enough to get you started in a big way. You can start wherever you are today. We are also aware that many public speakers struggle with fear. As a result, we shall be teaching you how to avoid the fears of public speaking. Keep checking on us. I hope this helped you? Please share with us.

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