7 Cure Tips For Diabetes without taking Pills

7 Cure Tips For Diabetes

Its been analyzed that Diabetes is just rising on a daily bases, yet most cases are preventable and some can even be reversed. Taking 7 Cure Tips For Diabetes to prevent and control diabetes doesn’t mean living in deprivation. It means engaging in daily excesses and eating a tasty, balanced diet that will also boost your energy and improve your mood.

The idea of listing out the 7 Cure Tips For Diabetes without taking Pills is because most of this pills usually have side-effect on human body, so if you have been trying Pills, then its time to try something else and compare the outcome of the result withing a short period of time.

You just have to try this tips – as it has been confirmed by so many doctors that it works well too…

7 Cure Tips For Diabetes without taking Pills

I do not want you to put on this kind of scaring mind thinking that you can deal with Tips for Managing Diabetes listed below. You just have to believe in yourself and start doing something about it.

  • Regular Excesses to Lose weight

There has been so many programmes and article educating every person who is fat the importants of losing weight and how to go about losing weight. The fact remains that Not every body fat is created equal. The risk becomes higher if you tend to carry your weight around your abdomen as opposed to your hips and thighs. That’s a lot of belly fat surrounds the abdominal organs and liver and is closely linked to insulin resistance and diabetes. You are at an increased risk of developing diabetes if you are:

  • A woman with a waist circumference of 35 inches or more
  • A man with a waist circumference of 40 inches or more

exercise is the most important thing you can do to take control over diabetes. Exercise decreases body fat and promotes weight loss — but even if you don’t lose weight as a result, exercise will improve blood-sugar control and your body’s response to insulin and even help prevent heart disease.

No mater how lazy you think you may be try as much as possible engaging 30 minutes of activity, five days per week.

  • Avoid Eating Late   – Always Better Eating Quick

Most of the time eating late causes  lost of wealth issue for so many reasons. The best way to dealing with late cooking and eating is for you to get your  cooking list ready and go do shopping before the late hour catches up with you. Get your kitchen ready with what ever you need and you see yourself dealing with Diabetes without taking Pills.

  • Choose a Good Food Formula That Works and Stick to It

Choosing carbs that are packed with fiber (and don’t spike your blood sugar)
Instead of… Try these high-fiber options…
White rice Brown or wild rice, riced cauliflower
White potatoes (including fries and mashed potatoes) Sweet potatoes, yams, cauliflower mash
Regular pasta Whole-wheat pasta, spaghetti squash
White bread Whole-wheat or whole-grain bread
Sugary breakfast cereal High-fiber, low-sugar cereal
Instant oatmeal Steel-cut or rolled oats
Cornflakes Low-sugar bran flakes
Corn Peas or leafy greens


Eat More
Healthy fats from raw nuts, olive oil, fish oils, flax seeds, whole milk dairy, or avocados
Fruits and vegetables—ideally fresh, the more colorful the better; whole fruit rather than juices
High-fiber cereals and breads made from whole grains or legumes
Fish and shellfish, organic, free-range chicken or turkey
High-quality protein such as eggs, beans, milk, cheese, and unsweetened yogurt
Eat Less
Trans fats from partially hydrogenated or deep-fried foods
Packaged and fast foods, especially those high in sugar, baked goods, sweets, chips, desserts
White bread, sugary cereals, refined pastas or rice
Processed meat and red meat from animals fed with antibiotics, growth hormones, and GMO feed
Low-fat products that have replaced fat with added sugar, such as fat-free yogurt

Eating a diabetic diet doesn’t mean eliminating sugar altogether, but like most of us, chances are you consume more sugar than is healthy. If you have diabetes, you can still enjoy a small serving of your favorite dessert now and then. The key is moderation.

  • Monitor your blood-glucose levels every day

Monitor your blood-glucose levels every day gives you the insight of your current health status, like; blood-sugar levels if they are under control, because all of this are contribution of Foods, activity level, medications, illness, and even stress can affect blood glucose.

Ask your doctor how often you need to check — and what to do if your blood glucose readings are abnormal.

  • Avoid of Drink Less of  Alcohol

Drinking between one-half and two alcoholic drinks per day has been shown to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by an average of 30 percent, compared with nondrinkers or heavy drinkers. However, among people who already have diabetes, there is some question about the benefits of alcohol.

  • Stop Smoking Totally

You should understand this from today that Smoking increases does not only raises blood-glucose levels, constricts blood vessels, and causes inflammation, and smokers have an increased risk of kidney disease, nerve damage, blood-vessel damage, and foot and leg infections, but also develops the risk of  diabetes, and once you have it, smoking makes every problem and complication associated with diabetes even worse.

  • Brush and floss regularly

Just as unregulated diabetes leads to high levels of glucose in your blood, it also leads to higher-than-usual levels of glucose in your saliva, which raises the risk for dental decay. Plus, diabetes makes fighting infection harder, so that if gum disease develops, you’ll have a more difficult time getting rid of it than someone without diabetes.

However, research suggests that people with diabetes who gain control over their periodontal problems have better glycemic control after gum treatment than before.


So as you can see from the list above, you do not need any kind of Pills to control diabetes (Only if the Doctor recommends that) – so you have to try to day to start applying the above 7 Cure Tips For Diabetes.

Please Note, just in case you fell any strange signs or feeling –  try contact your Doctor before you start any medication measure.

Good Luck – Keep Feet and keep Healthy.


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