7 Easy Steps To Register Your Business On Vconnect Nigeria

Register your business on Vconnect – Have you ever considered registering your business on Vconnect Nigeria? If you never did, after reading this, you will have to do that. Previously, we have treated on the best online business directories in Nigeria. Vconnect is one of the best of local business listings in Nigeria. Registering your business on this platform comes with a lot of benefits.

If you are serious about improving local SEO ranking for your business, then you have to register your business on Vconnect. One thing is certain, it will help you get noticed by millions of people all over the country, especially in your local environment. Furthermore, it will expose you to helpful tips on navigating the sometimes murky waters of business in Nigeria.

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The benefits are numerous. You will consider it your best interest to have your business registered online. So, whatever the reason, first things first, you actually have to register on VConnect to reap the rewards. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register your business on VConnect.

Register Your Business On Vconnect Nigeria

So, here, we have given you a detailed analysis on how you can go about this. Let’s flow.

  1. Log on to the VConnect website www.vconnect.com.
  2. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on register your business at the bottom of the page.
  3. After clicking on the register your business link, fill in basic details about your business. You will receive a link on the email address you registered with to complete your registration.
  4. Follow the link in the verification email. This will return you to VConnect.
  5. Here, you fill in details about business like what kind of business it is, address, pictures of the establishment, company size, work hours and other requisite information. All these make for a comprehensive business profile on VConnect when completed.
  6. Make sure you fill the information here carefully. VConnect integrates Google Maps into your company profile to help customers locate you, so try not to send them to the wrong address.
  7. You are almost done. After you have completed the business profile, all that is left is to claim your business by verifying that the information provided is accurate.

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What does it mean to claim your business on VConnect?

It means you get access to your dashboard which let’s see the number of visits to your profile page, receive live enquiries from your visitors and easily update your page with the latest information.  That’s it. You have successfully registered your business on VConnect, you can now start to explore the numerous advantages of this action.

If you have any question on how to register your business on Vconnect, kindly use the comment box below and we shall attend to them.


  1. I registered my business here for some years ago and now I can’t access it, please can you help me to reclaim my business name here

  2. I registered my business here for some years ago and now I can’t access it, please can you help me to reclaim my business name here. company name is kensteve oilfield and allied services nigeria limited

    • Am sorry, is not in our power to reclaim or register any business name as we have no affiliation to do so. But we can give you ideas to your query.

      So to start, you may have lost your company name because you failed to renew it. Please note that every business name is meant to be renewed (pay the dues fee) every year at the CAC office. BUt (99% chances) you might lose it if you fail to do so.

      Right now, visit any CAC office (but will be better for you if its the same office you registered and got your certificate) and relate the issue with them, they might help you out through some ways, like pay late payment fee and get your business back, etc.

  3. Ou target is to become a house hold nam owner of the Nigerian leading domestic and services delivery brand trust by individuals.

  4. Pls sir,
    I am finding it difficult to access the right vconnect app in Nigeria to register my company.
    Pls assist me.
    08165528959 is my line

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