7 NYSC Corps Members to Repeat Service Year in Akwa Ibom State

The Akwa Ibom state Coordinator of the National of Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Mrs Ngozi Chukwuka during the passing out ceremony in Uyo on Thursday in Uyo said that 7 NYSC Corps Members repeat Service Year, while 20 Others get extension.

She further started that the reason why the 7 corps members have to repeat their service year is because they absconded from service while the other 20 got extension for offences ranging from absenteeism during head count to poor performance in their primary assignments.

Am not surprise this will be happening since the NYSC registration is now a straight forward process, that you now choose were you wish to serve. But that should not give any one the reason to misbehave, please.

Bu I also think it will be better it National of Youth Service Corps (NYSC) can make serves NOT compulsory because many people already have some thing doing in life, praying to finish school so that they can concentrate fully. With other good reason that follows.

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