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How To Access UNN Lecturer’s Materials Online

Do you know you can Access UNN Lecturer’s Materials Online? Yes, you can. UNN allows her students to have access to lecturer’s materials online. Unfortunately, not many persons are aware of it. Even the students. As a result, we are certain that bringing this knowledge to you is very important. So, we have outlined the guides on how you can do that online.

To be able to Access UNN lecturer’s materials online, you must be a student of the university and must have a student account. In essence, the portal is only accessible by those who are students. Once you have gotten admission, you can have access to all materials uploaded by the lecturers on the university portal. Let’s show you how.

How To Access UNN Lecturer’s Materials Online

Here are the instructions on how you can access all materials online.

  1. Log onto the UNN website: http://www.unn.edu.ng/.
  2. lick on “E-Learning” , as shown above, the following screen  will appear.
  3. The top enlarged version of the screen above is as shown below.
  4. Click on “Log in” at the top right corner of the page displayed, the following screen will appear.
  5. Type in your matriculation number( without the forward slash) as the “Username”,  type in your password, the one used on the university Portal), then click on the login button to see the following screen.
  6. Scroll down to Course categories , you will see a section of the a screen as shown below.
  7. Click on the GSP  course you want to get the lecturer’s materials. For example  “SOCIAL SCIENCES (2)” and the screen below will appear.
  8. Click on the   course you want to get the lecturer’s materials. For example  “Social Sciences- (Elect Engr, Library & Information and Science Education)” the following screen will appear.
  9. Click on “Enroll me in this course”, then, the course materials will appear and you will be able to download or read the  materials.

As you have seen, the guide is very simple. Once you have downloaded these materials, you can go on and keep reading them to advance knowledge.

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