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account.mail.ru/signup – Create New Mail.ru Account Free Here

Mail.ru is a popular Russian internet company that is not only known for e-mail services but also owns an e-commerce business (food delivery, service Delivery, Club, location-based marketplace Youla, ridesharing service BeepCar), the leading Russian social networks.

It offers email services which have a record of over 100 million active users.

You may have been hearing about the OK.ru and the TamTam instant message, right?

On this page, you will learn how to create an email.ru email account either using mobile phone or PC. But before then we need to let you understand some other interesting packages Mail.RU has to offer as it’s user and get familiar with some vital features which you may be needing. Keep reading!

−−−−− Mail.ru Websites −−−−−

  • https://go.mail.ru :  This is its official news website and the same time search engine page. mail.ru is also a combination of the news website, dating and email login form.
  • account.mail.ru/signup : The official page to register for a new Mail.ru mail account. Creation of an account is always free and fast.  :
  • https://love.mail.ru : This is their dating website, where you can see thousands of current/live active users to chat with instantly. But this part you have to signup to start charting. However, you can also use Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms to login the page.  The dating section enables you to filter the kind of friend you want by age, gender, location, whether married, single, etc.


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−−−−− Features −−−−−

On the official websites, there are many advantages you can leverage as a registered user. The game, news, store, to organize your business, and much more.

1. Mail.ru Online Games

mail ru game page

mail ru game page

@Mail.ru can become a fun place because it has lots of online games you can stay to enjoy yourself. Always updated with the latest news of different categories. Action games, Car race, etc. The official page to access those games is games.mail.ru. You see lots of games to either play for free, download for free or you buy and download.

2. Mail.ru for Business

This is another important tool ad page for business owners, remember at the beginning of the post I made it clear that Mail.ru is a very large community with varieties of features and tools to keep your fun time and office going.


The business part of the company comes with a whole lot of tools to help hence and build your business.

3. Social Media websites

You may have been hearing, or possibly using Mail.ru social messengers and platform but you really know it’s part of the services which they serve.

mail ru social sites

  • vk.com
  • www.ok.ru (Odnoklassniki)
  • my.mail.ru
  • TamTam is also Mail.Ru Group’s messenger.

famous Russian social network that connects people all over the world. Enable users to send messages, share photos, watch films, and listen to music. Including meet new people, and adore playing games.


—– How to Create New Mail.ru Account – account.mail.ru/signup —–

When you access the official website, by default it’s not an English page. But if you are using the Google Chrome browser then you can easily translate the page into English or any other language you understand. So, let’s get started on how to create the account.

  1. To get started visit https://account.mail.ru/signup
    Mail ru registration form
  2. Fill the form correctly by providing you;
    * Your full name
    * DOB (date of birth)
    * Gender – whether male or female
    * Your desire email user address. You don’t then from the drop-down menu you select the extension you love to be as your email address.
    * Enter your phone number. But you can select a country from the drop-down menu if the default isn’t correct.
  3. Now confirm that every information is correct and you are happy, then click on “Sign Up”.
  4. Confirm your registration which may come in form of SMS on your phone. Once that is complete – CONGRATULATIONS! you just completed the Mail.ru email registration.

isn’t that easy? Of course, it is. You can download the email app on your phone mobile phone for quick accessing your email anytime and anywhere.

This mail supports that only people from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus can use the platform to create a fresh Mail.ru account.

The question is, in a situation whereby you are from other countries than how do you create your own account, right? Then use the step below.

—– account.mail.ru/Login —–

You can either login your email via mobile phone (app or browser) or you can as well use your pc to login your account at all time.


If your country is not among the listed once to use the above form then this way you need to access the login page (that means you do not have to go through the registration form) then use the alternative login platforms such as (either): Yandex mail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail or Outlook mail.

1. Visit the login page here https://e.mail.ru/login

Mail ru login form

2. Click on the alternative account you like to use login (or register a new account).

3. From the drop-down menu make sure you select the current extension of your email address.

4. Enter your email and password to be using then click on Login.

At this point, if you are using the account for the first then there will be other instructions come after to complete.


—– Download  Mail Ru Mobile App for Android and iOS —–

The Mobile app allows you to read and send letters, attach and view files from anywhere in the world. Even if you are far from the computer.

>>> Download for Android here

>> Download for iOS here


Hope the page was educating? drop your comments using the comment box below.



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