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How To Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed And Have Unlimited Traffic

A lot of bloggers struggle so much for traffic. This is understandable. Why? You blog to help people meet their needs. Your blog posts won’t be able to achieve its aim if people fail to read them. And for people to read them, they need to visit your site. And that is what is known as TRAFFIC. Of course, you know this aren’t the normal road system stuff. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can generate unlimited traffic when you add your blog to Opera Mini News feed.

If you use the Opera Mini browser, this won’t be strange to you. Whenever you launch your browser to use, you see different posts from different blogs and websites appearing in the news feed. This isn’t magic. They aren’t even affiliated to Opera Mini. It is how they were able to achieve that that we will show you right here.

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Trust me, as millions of persons use Opera Mini, this guideline will ensure an increase in your average daily and weekly traffic. Ready for expansion? Flow with me here immediately.

How To Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed

  • ==> The first step is to send a mail to this email address >>> social-networks@opera.com <<<
  • ==> An opera mini agent will reply your mail after 2 to 3 days with the request to write an appropriate request which will contain your site link for him to forward it to the news feed team
  • ==> Reply according to what he requested. Do not write long jaggy words, but be brief and straight to the point.
  • ==> Send your mail back and relax. It might take up to 1 to 2 weeks for them to review your request and site
  • ==> Once approved after the specified time, follow the next instruction there and have your site on opera mini news feed.

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Benefits Of Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed

In fact, this needs not to be considered. There are many benefits you stand to gain once your blog features on the Opera Mini News feed. We shall highlight few of them for you. They include the following:

  1. Tons of traffic from different readers and sources
  2. Popularity of one’s site is ensured
  3. Daily readers
  4. Another source of income to website owners and bloggers. How? By displaying your site or blog on opera mini news feed, you’ll be paid 50%  of revenue made from displaying their products on your site or blog. You’ll be paid once a $100 threshold is reached.

So, if you are a blogger, I assume you have already sent the email?

Good luck. Found this helpful? Kindly use the comment box below.


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