How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Sharing Them As Stories

Instagram stories is one of the best features you can use on Instagram. It allows you update your timeline but only for 24hrs. Instagram also has the story highlight feature. This highlight feature stays on your profile forever. This a very important way of marketing.

Instagram allows you to add a Highlight on your profile which is a collection of the stories you’ve uploaded in the past. This feature allows your profile to look more interesting because it gives people another insight into what you get up to. If you want to add a story from your camera roll straight to your Highlights, this wouldn’t be possible because Instagram only lets you post a story based on what you’ve uploaded to your story and left for a full 24 hours.  If you didn’t leave the story for 24 hours, you wouldn’t be able to add it to a Highlight.

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So, what if you really want to make that your story highlight? What can you do about it? Here is your guideline.

How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Sharing Them As Stories

1. Make your Account Private

The first thing you need to do is to make your account private – doing this will stop people from seeing your story if they don’t already follow you. If your account isn’t on private before you upload from your camera roll to your story, people who don’t follow you will able to see your story that you blocked your followers from seeing. You can do this by going to your settings. Add Instagram Highlights Cover Without Posting To Story 1

2. Block Everyone from Seeing your Story

Once you have a private profile, you need to change the privacy settings of the Story and hide it from all your followers manually. You can keep it visible to some close friends. Here’s how to hide Stories.

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Step 1: Go to Instagram Settings and tap on Story controls.

Add Instagram Highlights Cover Without Posting To Story 3

Step 2: Tap on the option present below Hide story from. You need to select all followers manually by tapping on the small bubble present at the right side — yep, that’s a tedious option. Once selected, tap on the Check icon at the top-right corner.

Add Instagram Highlights Cover Without Posting To Story 4

3. Upload the Story

After you’ve made your account private and you’ve blocked everyone from seeing your story, you’ll need to upload a video/picture from your camera roll, post it to your story, and leave it here for 24 hours.

4. Add Story to Highlights

Once the story is live, you’ll need to click the Highlight button at the bottom > choose the Highlight you want it in. You need to make sure that the story is up for 24 hours unless when it’s uploaded to your Highlights, Instagram will delete it from your Highlights as well as your story.

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4. Unblock People from Story

After the story has been added to your highlights, you can start to unblock people from seeing your story. You can do this while your story is live, and they still wouldn’t be able to see it.

By using this guideline here, you will have been able to add Instagram highlights without sharing them as stories. If you have any confusion, or questions, kindly use the comment box below and we shall attend to them. Thank you.

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