Airtel Data Bundle Tweak – GET UPTO 13GB WITH N1,500

I have been wanting to post this but due to work at hand. But thank God that I have the time to do that now. I know that it will be surprising to hear that you can get 6GB, 13GB and even 20GB and more just has you wish. Will you believe  me that am just using my own 13GB to make this post right now.

It is very simply to do it. But one good thing about this Airtel tweak is that once you get it, ít dosen’t expire. You most finish it. For instance, the 13GB, 20GB is ‘supose to expir 2015. But the Date and time of expiring dose not work. So dont mind abot that!

How to get free GB on Airtel Sim card;

1. Load upto N1500 Recharge Card on your AirtelSIM and Dial*440*1# .

2. You should get Some Error Message, Don’t Stop keep Dialing the Code for about 10 to 15 Minutes.

3. Now check your MB by Dialing *141*712*0# , You should have been Credited with 2GB for 2 Months and your N1,500 will still be Intact.

4. Now Try Dialing this Code again *440*1# for about 3 Times, Now check your MB again and Bet you should have upto 6GB till Sept. 2013.

Note:- If you’re Lucky enough,You might still have your N1,500 intact even after getting the 6GB but Sometimes they might deduct it, Luck Matters.

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Please note that when you get the free Airtel GB(s), you can use it on your PC, PHONES, etc.

Airtel Data Bundle Tweak – GET UPTO 13GB WITH N1,500


  1. pls will the code still work till now ,2014 to 2015, will be happy if can still get it , cause i subscribe 1500 for 2gb on my system is does not up to 1month before is finish

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