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Airtel Touching Lives Registration – Touching Lives is a show about creating a platform for ordinary people in need: Men and Women, Young and Old, rural and urban to have a chance to fulfill their life long dreams.

This project is a TV series that is slated to air on TV. Ultimately, it is about making their dreams come alive by lending them a helping hand and ensuring that they have a better and improved quality of life. To participate, you can send why you feel a family member or community member deserves our help and drop off in Airtel Offices, Shops and show rooms nationwide. You can send in your nominations through the following channels:

Send Airtel Touching Lives  physical copies in less than 1000 words stating why you feel a family member or community member deserves Airtel’s help and drop off in Airtel,s Offices, Shops and show rooms nationwide

You can also send Airtel a direct message of your nominations here
Text the individual’s name, address and phone number to the short code 947 or simply dial 947 to speak with a Touching Lives Agent.
You can also write to Airtel through the Touching Lives email account:

Click here to download Airtel Touching Lives Registration Form

Airtel Touching Lives Registration Form

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  1. I need your help with my boys there not in school for a year now

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