All BBnaija Ebuka’s Book of Sayings – Pigeon Adage/Advice

If you always watch the Big Brother Naija Show to the end you would have always heard Ebuka always signing off a Sunday Live Show with some sage advice for the show that we have put together for you here.

These words are not just for joke, they are words of wisdom not only for the Housemate, but also in one way or the other it applies to you too.

Here are BBnaija Ebuka’s Book of sayings

‘You know say belt and kpomo start from the same place but na only one end inside belle’,
A basic reminder that no journeys are the same.

‘Goat no know say yam dey cost’,
Which basically translated to the Housemates as they must be the goat and chew up the whole Game, especially if they were here to Win.

‘Snake wey no get poison, dey go use am tie firewood last last.’
Meaning that people will take advantage of you and if you do not stand your ground or act like you are supposed to, they’ll take you for a ride.

‘Who dey owe landlord no dey cook food with curry.’
Meaning, while they went about their business, they must not attract unnecessary attention to themselves.

‘When ya goat lost, na your neighbors compound you go first check’.
This was to say, as they trust those around them, they must also be careful of those around them.

Have we omitted any Ebuka’s Book of Sayings? Or do you have any words of wisdom in Pigeon like Ebuka’s?

Drop it in the comment below, let’s add it up right away.

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