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Have you been in a situation trying to send files (whether large or small) acorss but not working?, Or are you still thinking of using a native flash-drive or Hard-drive for files backups? No MORE! We have got list of 100% Free File Sharing Websites to securely upload, save (backup) and share with friends, family, teams, or business partners.

We have listed 3 different catigories of file shaing features; File Sharing Websites, Tranfer or share without registration and Computer or mobile phone Files backup websites.

You have to understand that the aim of this page is to list out those file sharing websites offering free account sign up and allows you to use their platform for ever free. But they also still offers premium packages that you may want to expand your leavrages.

I have also listed file shaing services pricings staring between $1 to $6 per month; which is almost nearly to free service because its affordable.

Also, some offers file sharing software to download on PC or mobile phones.

We have listed this on table format to let you understand sharply and decide which one is best for you.

What is File Sharing Websites?

I could remember a certine time of my life my Boss called me and request that I submit a documentation which i prepared; and I sent it via SKYPE he said to me – No No! I don’t have such time to start downloading such lage file, I just need to access it via the web, not to download first before using.

Then I asked him; How do I send this?

He replied; through file sharing websites.

The point am trying to make here is it all depends what and how you want to achieve your aim.

Uploading / Backup Files

These file shaing websites allos you to upload your ducuments whether large of small, whether it’s a video, audio, images, documents or folders (all kind of files).

This way; all your files are saved in cloud, meaning you can access your files from any devices – once you login into your account.

Sharing Files

It all depends what you want to achive. You may want to send/share file your recipients will access for a certine period of time, or how many time he can download the file.

You may want to share files via email or send a direct link your recipient can access to your files.

You may also want to backup your computer and phone hard disk in cloud, so you don’t have to lose any files when devices is damaged or misplaced.

For any of this reasons, all the listed Free File Sharing Websites on this page can help you archive one or all of your desire; this is why I said it all depends what you want to archive because some will limit you due available free space, upload time, or some sharing restrictions.

Here Are Free File Sharing Websites

Google Drive

Google drive image

Google drive is one of the most porpular cloud storage platform to save your files and document. It comes in two different package; Personal (free) and the Business (premium).

The personal package which is the free also allows users to Store, share, and access your files from any device.

Also, once you sign up for Google account, you will automatically be allocated 15 GB of storage and its free.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive image

OneDrive is a produc of Microsoft, it comes along with windows 10, also comes along with office 365, and can always have access to the free package by defualt once you create an account on microsoft.

Dropbox image

Dropbox is an amazing file sharing and stoage service. It gives you the bility to backup your files to the cloud, sync them between computers, and share them with your friends.


iCloud is a product of Apply company, if also allows you to save and share files from your iCloud ccount. The iCloud App runs not only on apply devices, but as well runs on windows and Android.

As an iCloud registered user, you have free 5GB storage to save what ever file you desire to. And, you can as well sync them between computers, and share them with your friends.


Sipshare is one of the listed free file Sharing Websites on this page. They offer free file sharing with a maximum of 500MB (free).

Not all, on the website users also have ability of adding files to share either from his computer or from supported cloud accounts.

Supported cloud account includes; Google Drive, OneDrive,

You Must be a registered user in order to start using ZipShare services and below are steps to sign up and login.

How to Sign Up ZipShare File Sharing Account

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Click on “Create Account”
  3. Enter your email address and password. You will still have to reenter the same password just to confirm its correct and you know it.
  4. Click on “Sign Up” to submit the form.
  5. Login your email account, locate the email Zipshare has sent to your email and confirm your registration.
  6. Now you can Login your account and start sharing.

How to Login Your ZipShare Account

Only your email and password you need you need to login and start sharing.

  1. Go to the offficial website
  2. Click on Sign In
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. then click “Login. Now you may proceed on sharing the files.

How to share Files

  1. Now you have logged into your account.
  2. There are TWO ways to upload your file (you want to share) on ZipShare; either uploading from your computer or from any of the cloud accounts
  3. After its uploaded select all or which platform (Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) your recipant will receive the file.

Pros and Cons

Offers free account with 500MB files size.Not possible for free account to resend uploaded files after sending for the fist time.
Can upload from other cloud accounts.Free account is not allowed to either; share with others, delete file, rename file, unzip or move files.
Your uploaded files remains for as login so you want it.Any file(s) is a minus from the 500GB and you can’t delete any uploaded which makes your free 500GB space keep get filled up fast.
Its fast to upload and send files on ZipShare.You can’t create folders on ZipShare.
User interface is simple and easy to use.
No Ad display on free user’s account.


MediaFire is one of the purpular file shaing sites that offers an amazing storage space of 50GB and can upload maximum of 20GB per files.

The free account only has to upload and share link for its recipients to access and download.

round before Going Pro start starts from $7.50/month with upto 1TB (1000GB) storage space, No ad display, no captcha code, give direct link access to file, so the recipiant doesn’t have to keep clicking totile the actual file. In fact the Upgrade package of MediaFire has lots of features you may want to try out if you have the intention of achieving other goals with it.

YOu have to register with MediaFire to start using its services. Use the steps blow to register and login into your account and start uploading and sharing.

How to Sign up MediaFire File Sharing account

  1. Go to the main page –
  2. click on “Sign Up”
  3. Select the package you want to sign up for – “Free”. So click on “Get started” for the free account.
  4. Fill out the registration form and agree to the MediaFire users terms and conditions.
  5. complete the captche to proof you aren’t a robot.
  6. Then click on “Create Account & Continue”
  7. Go to your email account to verify your Mediafire registration.
  8. Now you can login to start sharing files.

How to Login After MediaFire registration

Visit the officil website to login to your account. Your email address and password will be required on the MediaFire login page in order to gain access.

Alternatively, you may as well want to use either Facebook or Twitter account to login.

How to Upload and Share Files Online

Once you’re logged in;

  • Upload files at anytime by clicking on the “Upload” button at the top of the page.
  • After uploading, you can share the link with your recipent to go download from his end without having to signup with MediaFire.

Unlike ZipShare already mestioned, allows u create a new folder or a simple text document. it also allows user to quickly browse and organize your files by using the folder tree. Remember, you can drag and drop files straight on the folders in the folder tree from My Files or your desktop file browser.

Pros and Cons

Allows you create a new folder, sub-folder, sub-sub-foldersThe free Account will always display Ad
By default, folders are already created to organize your files.
You can upload folders from your computer.

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