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Online Hard Disk File Sharing and Backup

These ones are good for backing up computer files, also share files with others. So you can as well regard them as your cloud hard drive. Which you can access from any device using your login details.

Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is another insean back up tool with great features and huge storage space. The free account ceoms with a free 10GB free stprage space.

Now, not only files will you have to backup, but also your entire computer files. No matter how large it may be – Yandex disk got you covered.

To start using the platform you have to be a registered meber, then with your username and password you can login to start uploading on the go. As simple as ABC…

It’s not a waste of time to sign up with because with a single account, you can search, write emails, save and share your files, find stuff you want, get directions and use other services of on all your devices and platforms.

How to Sign Up Yandex Disk Free Account

  • Log on to
  • Click the “Get Started”
  • click on Sign Up
  • Enter your name, username, and password
  • Enter your phone number. Ensure to start with the country’s code.
  • Then click on “send Code” to verify your account.
  • You have just 1minutes to enter the code and continue with your registration. Please note that you can reapply for code with you don’t receive.
  • Then click on Register.
  • Accept the User terms
  • Here you go, you just created a Yandex account that not only allow you to use the cloud storage disk but also to have access on all Yandex products and services such as Yandex email, Yandex news, Yandex marketplace, etc.

Download Yandex Disk Backup on Computer

Now its easier than never, as Yandex Disk comes on your computer as a normal folder we all know. Simply by dragging your files and dropping inside the Yandex folder will automatically be saving your files on Yandex Disk cloud – to access from any devices or platform.

Use the links below to download the storage folder on your computer;

Download Yandex Disk for Windows

Download Yandex Disk for iOS

Download Yandex Disk for Linus

How to Setup Yandex.Disk on Computers

  • After downloading the Yandex.Disk launch the installer, then follow the instructions.
  • The Yandex.disk app will pop up – promting you to login with your username and password.
  • Once you have entered correctly and click Sign Up – here your go, ready to start using the free Storage and file sharing software could for PC.

Pros and Cons

The free comes with up to 10 GB free storage.If sharing, the recipient must also create a Yandex account to access the shared files.
Easy to use.
Can backup the entire files on computer.
Files accessible from anywhere and any devices.
Can delete any file(s) to free spaces.


idrive image

To keep you files save is to backup, and IDrive is an online also refers to as “Cloud Base” that allows its users to backup files and folders directly from their computer.

Aside, Idrive is a best alternative to cloud all your computer files. The free account offers upto 5GB free stroage. Though I know well that the files in our computer harddisk is far more that the free storage which IDrive offers., so if you still inssist to use the free account then you have to only backup inportant files; otherwise upgrading your account will be the best options.

How to Sign Up Free IDrive Account

  1. Log on to the main website –
  2. Click on the free 5GB package
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Login your email and verify your account.
  5. Now you can start banking up your files after you have re-login IDrive account.

You can download the desktop application or mobile phone once you login.

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