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List of Share Files Without Filling out Any Registration

There platforms which I have researched and used that also allows the uploading and sharing of files. You may decide even not to register – if its a waste of time to you. But registered users tend to have more to leverage on.

The good is that a single file you upload can be sent to upto 15 recipient at a go.

Its simple, fast and secured. I’ve tried using these platform to share a very large video to my recipients and it worked.


Free File Sharing Websites

WeTransfer was founded in 2009 ad it’s one of the simpless way of sending files, one doesn’t need to register before sending any file. Just accept the user terms and condition and you are good to start uploding those files you want to share.

After uploading, you can either select the email or link to share to your recipients’ to access through and download what you’ve shared.

How to send File:

  • After access the main website –
  • accept the user terms
  • click on the upload. You can upload directly or from a folder.
  • enter your email address. But you won’t have to start entry email of you and recipient if you have selected to send via link.
  • enter the email of the recipient
  • write a short message to your recipient. Then send or transfer.

You have to 2GB size of file to send at a go for free.

We SendIt

Free File Sharing Websites

WeSendit is also like WeTransfer, in the sense that it allows users to upload and share files even without having to signup yet.

It further allows send files up to 5GB to your friends safely and securely, and every upload gives the opportunity to win attractive coupons.

Free File Sharing Websites

SendTransfer is another great free file sharing online page I recently discovered to be offering free sharing services. It is among the categories of free sites to Share Files without filling out any registration form.

You can send upto 10GB load of files at once for free. Only that the file(s) has a peroid of expiration. Which you have’ve to set yourself.

How to send files using

  • Log into the website
  • Upload the file from your computer
  • set the date the file should expire (deleted) on
  • Enter the email(s) of the recipients
  • Enter a message your recipients will read alongside with the file you’re sharing.
  • Click the “Send” button

And that is all!

TeraShare tool image is another amazing free file sharing online tool without limit. This means that you have the ability to upload your files with no limitation of file size, and share with anyone of your desire.

No registration required, Sharing and downloading files is completely free and no limit of files; if you and the receiver can store the file on your computers, of course, Terashare can send it for FREE!

  • Enter the website –
  • Select files or folders you want to send from your computer.
  • Enter the Receiver’s email address
  • Enter your email address
  • Type in brief message to attetch to your file
  • Click on the “Share File”



Smash is another “No Limit Send File” online file sharing website. You also don;t have have to register, no fee or charges. All servicees are 100% free of charge.

It has a simple interface like Wetransfer and WeSendIt UI. To use Smash, all you need is log on to its official website, click on the “I agree” button, then click or drag and brop your file on Smash, then select which method to share your file.

You have the opportunity of sending either via Email, Link or Slack.

If you’re sending via email then you have to;

  • enter receivers email address
  • then your own email address
  • then your brief message.

Sending via Link:

  • You have to enter a title of your message first,
  • then customize the link or use Smash default link,
  • enter your email address,
  • then click the smash to get your link ready for sharing.

Sending via Slack:
You have to login into your Slack acct on Smash page,
then share.

But that’s not all…

  • You can also activate or disactivate preview,
  • protect file you’re sending with a password,
  • active and disactivate download notification,
  • Customize and disign your download page,
  • Modify the period of validity of your smash to keep control over its use for marketing or security purposes.
  • Personalalizde your content that will be displayed while your receiver is downloading the file you sent.

Firefox Send

Firefox Send may sound uncommon to you, but it’s aso a good online file sharing tool, at offers the ability of sharing/sending upto 1GB file at a go.

You can protect file with password, set how many times your receiver’s (each) should download before it expires or how many days the file should last before expiring. This means; in either ways, the link will automaticilly expire to keep what you share private rather than making it available online forever.

If you thing there are still other better once that offers free file sharing services, or unlimited file upload and sending/sharing, or large memory or premium service that starts from $5; then share it using the comment box below.

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