All TSTv Decoder Features, Price, Full Channel List, Subscription Packages & Bonuses

We are so delighted to announce to you all that a new DSTV Decoder Best Alternative for Nigerians is here, and I know you would love to know which decoder could beat almighty DSTv, right? well its not a joke at all because now Nigeria (African) has a best choice to go for. We all understood that Nigerians loves to enjoy themselves at all time and not to be left aside on treading stuffs, but all this while DSTv has made no other choice for everyone rather than sticking to them and always subscribing its packages in order to retain the enjoyable moments.

Now the Good new is that there is a new Decoder in town called; “TSTv African” which also offers entertaining and engaging programmes with a very affordable cost which no Nigerians will have to complain about.

Guess what… TSTv decoder is cheap, subscription and packages are cheap, and the channels are too many to count. Meanwhile we have to list all the channels so that you get to understand better why we said  DSTV Decoder Best Alternative for Nigerians is TSTv.


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Why TSTv Decoder May Become Top Paid Satellite Channels in African

  1. TStv gives you access to variety of sports; football, basketball, volleyball, track and field, combat sports, athletics, gidigbo dembe and lots more.
  2. Tstv Africa is a direct to home satellite that comes with a decoder and a dish. Which gives you access to over 70 channels with a monthly subscription of N3000 and 10GB free. It comes with a pause, video and record functions.
  3. It also comes with a video on demand (V.O.D) and pay as you view subscription plans.
  4. The decoder is Wi-Fi enabled.
  5. During the Raining reason TStv network is very reliable.
  6. Free 24/7 customer care live chat on the website


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All TStv subscription plans and Prices

  • TSTV – 30 N3000 for 1month with 10GB data.
  • TSTV – 15 N1500 for 2weeks with 5GB data.
  • TSTV – 10 N1000 for 10days with 3GB data.
  • TSTV – 7 N750 for 1week with 2GB data.
  • TSTV – 3 N500 for 3days with 1GB data and
  • TSTV – PAYGO N200 for 24hours with 500MB.

Please note that the data is a value added service which gives you more features to download movies, do video calling from your decoder, access the internet, etc. So when you exhaust your data you can get extra data. We sell extra gig at the rate of N300 per gig.


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List of All TSTv Decoder Channels Are:

The must challenges and intimidating part is the aspect of entertainment and sports – I think that was where DSTv use to be top payed TV channels in Nigeria. But check it out now as TSTv releases the same supper channels that gives you every sports channels you need. And for those who loves season movies and cinema, full package available now.


  • Star Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Euro Sports News
  • Euro Sports 2
  • Kwese Sports 1
  • Kwese Free
  • Kwese ESPN
  • bein Sports MAX 4HD
  • bein Sports 3HD
  • bein Sports Global
  • bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
  • TS Sports 4 HD
  • TS Sports 2
  • TS Sports 3
  • Yolo Sports HD


  • Trace Urban/Africa
  • MTV Base
  • TLC (HD)


  • BBC America
  • CNBC
  • Aljazeera
  • BBC Radio 2
  • TVC News
  • Sky News
  • Arewa24
  • AIT
  • Core TV News
  • France 24 (English)
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Bloomberg Television
  • DW
  • Fox News
  • TRT World
  • Press TV
  • NTA
  • Arise News
  • TV360 Nigeria


  • Nickelodeon
  • CN Carton Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Boing
  • JimJam
  • Baby TV
  • TS Junior Kids HD
  • Fix Fox
  • Panda Biggs


This is where you have to understand that TSTv is really packaged and ready to offer what everyone love to enjoy.

  • Star Movies
  • MBC Action
  • MBC 2
  • Star Movies
  • African Movie Channel Series (African Magic)
  • Liberty TV
  • MBC
  • Wazobia TV
  • WAP TV
  • Viasat Life
  • Fine Living
  • FOX
  • FOX Life
  • Investigation Discovery
  • MBC 4
  • MBox HD
  • PCTV
  • Star Gold HD
  • Nollywood TV
  • Z Cinema
  • E Entertainment
  • BEN Bridging The Gap
  • BET
  • TS Novella
  • TS Movies HD
  • TS Series


  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo Gold
  • AD
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Health TV


  • Fasion One
  • AHTV


  • Dove Television
  • Emmanuel TV
  • Sunna TV
  • Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries
  • EWTN – Global Catholic
  • TBN Network


  • Riwa Ndu TV
  • TS Hausa
  • TS Igbo
  • TS Yoruba
  • TS Sports 1 HD


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TStv African Frequently Questions And Answers

  1. what is the cost of the decoder??
    Ans: Our decoder is N5000
  2. Where Can I get my TStv Decoder?
    Ans:  You can get our decoder from any of our dealers near you. The contact address of our dealers is on our website.
  3. How is the network during the raining reason?
    Ans:  Our network is very reliable.
  4. Why is there data attach to the plans?
    Ans:  The data is a value added service
  5. what if one exhaust the 10GB data (3000) before the month ends?
    Ans:  When you exhaust your data you can get extra data. We sell extra gig at the rate of N300 per gig.
  6. Do I need data to Watch your channels?
    Ans:  You don’t watch our channels with data.
  7. Is it true you shows match?
    Ans:  Yes, we have sport channels that show live matches.
  8. What if there are about different live matches going on at same time, are there different channels that shows it?
    Ans:  Yes, we have more than 10 sport channels. You choose the one you want to watch.
  9. Can a decoder connect to more than one TV. That is if I have TWO TV and ONE TStv decoder, can it work??
    Ans:  No, for now Its one TV to one decoder.
  10. As for the subscription plans. whether 3000, 1500, 500, 200, etc… does it come with complete channels irrespective of the plan or package user paid for???
    Ans:  Yes, it does.
  11. What are the mode (methods) of subscribing?
    Ans:  Interswitch, voucher, online and from our dealers.


If you want to compare the GoTv subscription plans with the TStv subscription plan then click here.


If you still have more questions, then use our comment box below, and your questions will be answered right away. Feel free to share this page across!



  1. Pls where can I get the tstv in Abuja or can it be ordered ?

      • Not everywhere in Nigeria for now. But it’s available in the cities and many towns in Nigeria. So you have to make your research or contact the TSTV to know if its service is available in the desired state.

    • Yes, it does. In fact, the HDMI port has become most common among them all

  2. Please where can I get the list of dealers contact especially in Anambra state

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