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Amazon Associates Account Registration – Complete Form Sign Up Guide

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website. It sells everything under the sun and that makes it the first choice of most affiliates. And it’s Amazon Associates is also biggest and the most popular affiliate program which has recorded more than 1 million registered affiliates – still growing in number!

Image of Amazon Associates Account Registration

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 10% commission for a sales (depending on the niche or products). And the interesting part is that it has a large mass of niche you can promote and make cool cash.

So, imagine you have a website pulling a daily traffic of about 1,000 audiences coming to read your blog contents, with the Amazon Associates you will have an extra opportunity to converting some buy item they love.

For example…

Your blog talks about “Weight loss”, on your blog you give them tips and recommendation to lose weight and so on, if you sign up with the Amazon Associates you can make your Amazon ads only displaying Weight loss items which could be digital or/and physical products for them to buy and support their goal – weight lose.

It could even be an ebook or physical books reading Dating or other niches you’re interested in.

With this, you see your site converting every audience that comes reading your blog.

On this page is a full step to creating the account to finish.  The aim is to guide you throughout the “Amazon Associates Account Registration” because we have come to notice many accounts not approved after all steps to completing the form.

So, take this as an Amazon Associates Account Registration template from start to finish. Following this steps, you’ll have no reason why your account or blog isn’t approved to join Amazon Associates Affiliate program to start making money.


Step-by-Step Amazon Associates Account Registration

  1. Log on to the official website Here
  2. Click “Create your Amazon Account”
  3. In the account your full name, email address and password is needed to complete the Amazon Affiliate account registration
  4. Click the button “Create your Amazon Account”  once you have filled the form and happy with the information provided.
  5. Now, you are redirected to the main registration process. First, you will be providing “To whom should we issue payments” details. That is the name, address, phone number, location – of the person receiving the payment. remember that Amazon pays by check, therefore, you have to Enter the name exactly as it should appear on the check (and as your bank will accept the check). Although you will be able to change or select a new method of payment after the registration. Amazon pays out by Gift Card, Check and/or Direct deposit. The direct deposit option is only available for US residents.
  6. Click the “Next” button to move to the next form.
  7. Now you will enter the website address you want to promote Amazon products. They even accept social median so in case you have a custom page on facebook, twitter, etc… Enter the page as www.facebook.com/id..page name etc..If what you have is a website (not a social page) you can enter the site. But make sure the site is live and active. If you intend promoting on your app, you MUST make sure that the app is available on whether Google plays store, Amazon store or iTunes store. You should know that you can add more than one sites, app or social pages you have (up to 50 websites) in as much as they compile to the instructions above.
  8. Click “NEXT” to move on
  9. On clicking the “next” button a radio-button appears for you to declare, any of the websites or mobile apps listed above directed primarily at children under 13. Select “No” to continue. The click “Confirm”.
  10. On this section, you’ll take about your blog or page. But first, have to decide what your prefered store ID. For example mysite.com-20, etc… So your store ID will be “20”. What are your websites or mobile apps about?
    at this point, you have to be real and careful. Make sure you express in a short sentence what your blog offers. Because they like to know this. Below are few templates that answer this part of the question;

    On my sites, I provided interesting, educating and entertaining information and digital materials for students, business people and job seekers (like ebooks).
    For instance, I write blog articles on News, educations, technology, entertainment, body maintenance and more…I also do a whole lot of product reviews for different categories of persons.



    You Can Say…

    “My blogs are providing dating tips, education tips, online business tips, (as your niche may be) and I personally create my content on demand from my audience. Most times I also provide valuable materials to assist their optimal desires to achieve their goals”


    You can always have anyways to tweak what you provide on your blog or social pages in many ways

    Which of the following topics best describes your websites or mobile apps?
    →  Use the scroll button to select which topic suits best to describe your blog. You can add up to 5 topics.

    What type of Amazon items do you intend to list on your websites or mobile apps?

    → It is very necessary to select only those that rimes with your site services, in order for Amazon Associates Affiliate Program convert for you.

    What type are your websites or mobile apps?
    → Of course, we all know that paid traffic is what pays this day. And everyone is involved (including Amazon itself) so take your time to select how best you source traffic to your bog.

    How do you utilize your websites and apps to generate income?
    → You are expected to select one of the ways you make money on your blog.

    How do you usually build links?
    →  select any of the ways you are using. Anyone you select is cool.

    How many total unique visitors do your websites and apps get per month?
    → Amazon would also like to know your traffic/audience range. They want to know that your site can make sales for you. But select the lowest if your site is new.

    What is your primary reason for joining the Amazon Associates Program?
    → It would be better you select “To monetize my site. Cos every one wants to make money and to convert every traffic into cash.

    How did you hear about us?
    → You can select any of the ways you know about Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.

    Then Type the characters in the above image to prove you’re human. Once done, click “NEXT” to move on.

  11. This is the point to verify your Identity. You have to provide a phone number. In 3-steps you will complete this stage→ Enter the phone number
    → Click “Call me now” to generate the PIN, after which you will receive a call
    → Receive the call and enter your PIN
  12.  Then check the box below to agree with the Terms and condition. Click on “Finish”
  13. Now you just completed the registration. Congratulations.


Amazon Associates Affiliate program Account Verification Challenges

In some scenario, You may get stocked on the part where Amazon wants you to enter your phone number and you sit expecting them to call you but after all wait, no call comes, yet you can’t pass that stage.

It is simply following the steps below…

Close the current page (or use another browser) then re-login with https://affiliate-program.amazon.com.

It will tell you to verify your account using your phone number. That a code will be sent to your email.

  1. enter your email address and password
  2. then click Login
  3. automatically, a code will be sent to the same email used for the registration.
  4. Login your email and type in the code then click “Verify”
  5. Now your account is verified without a phone number.


Amazon Affiliate Percentages

  • Earn 5% on Digital Music and Videos
  • Earn 7% on Fashion, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Earn 7% on Echo and Fire TV Devices
  • Earn 8% on Furniture, Home and Garden
  • Earn 8% on Kindle and Fire Tablet Devices
  • Earn 10% on Luxury Beauty


Use the comment box below to express your challenges if any arises.



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