Amazon Web Services | How to Create Free AWS Account

Cloud hosting is a latest and a recommended hosting model as at now. And this is why rooted companies like Google, Microsoft and others investing so much in this “cloud Hosting” space. You probably have had about the Amazon AWS cloud hosting service, right?

AWS Amazon web services is among the oldest – started around 2006 to provide cloud services to the public. And it offers both a free account which comes can either come in the form of personal and professional account type.

The top THREE leading Cloud Hosting Companies offers free and cheap hosting cost.

But you may want to ask; Why are people not preferring using them?

It is due to the technical know-how that makes it looks rear. Because almost everything is done on these cloud space and manual. That is; you do it yourself (DIY).

But you don’t have to worry much we have shown (with image illustrations) how to to create the account. And you can as well follow other of our subsequent tutorials on AWS cloud hosting service. Or use the comment box below in case of any question.

First, on this page, you will be learning how to create AWS Amazon cloud hosting account for free. If in future that you find any challenge them make use of the comment box below this page. We are happy to assist you all the way.

How to Create AWS Amazon Cloud Hosting Account Now

Amazon AWS cloud hosting Page image
  1. Go to the main official website –
  2. Click on “Create an AWS Account” button.
image of AWS cloud registration form

3. Now the Amazon AWS registration form opens. Fill up the information as required.

You can see that the AWS account which you’re about creating includes 12 Months of Free Tier Access to allow you to use the complete services. But terms and conditions apply.

Amazon Web Services | How to Create Free AWS Account 1

4. Complete the security check by providing the value you see into the box. Then click on Continue.

Amazon Web Services | How to Create Free AWS Account 2

5. Now you have to select the account type. Your account can either be a “Professional” or a “personalAWS account type. On this tutorial, We have selected the “AWS Professional account“.

So fill up the information after selecting your account type.

6. The next page after clicking on the “Create Account and Continue” is here you will have to provide your payment information for verification.

At this point, you can either use the same address you provided earlier before now or enter a new billing address for the card you are about to add to your AWS cloud hosting account by clicking on the “use a new billing address”.

Once you have filled the form and confirm that all information provided is correct then you may proceed to click on the “Verify and Add” button.

7. Now you have to verify your contact details again. First, select your country code and then enter your phone number below.

Amazon will send you a verification code to enter and verify your account. You just completed the AWS Amazon cloud registration after you have successfully entered the code and verify it. You should see the sign

image showing AWS Amazon cloud registration completed

But that’s still not all yet…

Select your plan/package you want to use

Now its time to select which package will suit your need.

Amazon Web Services | How to Create Free AWS Account 3

We have selected the “Free” package. However, the it can also be upgraded to other premium packages – it all depends on your usage and what you want to achieve.

You may now Proceed further to login into your AWS Console Account using the steps below.

How to Login AWS Console

Amazon AWS cloud login image

If you just completed the AWS account sign up then you can juse click on the “Sign in to the console” button. Or use the steps below;

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email address and click on “Next”.
  3. Complete the “security Check” test
  4. Then enter your password to login

Yes… You’re in your AWS Amazon cloud account and ready to do meaningful things for free or very low cost.

Use the comment box below if you have any question. We’ll attend to all questions no matter what.


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