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AOL Mail Registration Form | Sign Up AOL Mail Account Free – mail.aol.com

AOL Mail Registration Form – AOL Mail is a free mail service that provides its users with Unlimited Email Storage capacity and with a maximum file attachment limit of 25 MB, including photo and video attachments. AOL Mail allows its users to integrate their other Email addresses into their network for a streamlined access to your Emails. AOL Mail also provides users with your own choice of Email address Domains including @love(.)com, @wow(.)com, @games(.)com and @ygm(.)com (Acronym for You got mail).


What Information is Needed to Complete the AOL Mail Registration Form?

Nowadays, nobody wants to waste time completing an online registration before an account will be created, do you agree to that?

But the importance of it can’t be underestimated because it helps protect your account. Besides, you should know that having an email account is a sensitive account whereby you send out and receive emails containing sensitive documents and information, so why wot you want your account to be saved if that is correct. This is a registration form that can be completed with 5mins and you are done.

The email also incorporates social accounts, and with your information, you do not need going to create a separate account (if you want to use the same AOL social account) because the same information you provided during the AOL mail registration will equally be used for your AOL social account. This means you have a “Profile”!

Ther following are information or Biodata needed to create this account:

⇒ Your full Name
⇒ Username, which also becomes your AOL Mail address
⇒ Password. If you are confused on how to create a simple but strong password click here to learn more now.
⇒ Provide your Date of Birth (DOB)
⇒ Zip code
⇒ Gender
⇒ Use the drop-down menu to select a secret question. Then use the box below it to provide the answer to that question you have selected.
⇒ Alternative Email address (optional). This helps you get your email account back just in case you lost your password or forget the access to login your AOL email.
⇒ Finally, proof that you are real human creating AOL email account.


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How to Sign Up AOL Mail Account Free

  1. Click here to open AOL Mail Registration Form or page
  2. Correctly enter your information as requiredAOL Mail Registration Form
  3. Click the “Sign Up” button.
  4. A verification code will now be sent to the phone number you have used for this registrationAOL Mail Registration verification page
  5. Now your registration is complete. A new page opens for you to see the full information of your account, including your Username, secret questions and answers, AOL email address,AOL Mail Registration Form | Sign Up AOL Mail Account Free - mail.aol.com 1 You should be able to see that you can also print this page if you want. You can also check the box to receive an SMS of the official link to download the AOL mail app for your phone. if you want to skip all this, just click on “OK” button.
  6. Or check the box and still click on “OK” button.
  7. At this point, you should be on your account.

You can now click on the “Settings” and add a picture of you, set up your account the way you want it to look good for you.

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Also, you can add other email accounts such as; Gmail, Yahoo mail, Yandex mail, Outlook mail, etc… to enable you Manage your account in one, easy-to-use place.




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