AOL Mail Sign Up New Account and Log In | How to Create a New AOL Email Account

AOL is part of Verizon Media properties. It is a free Email, article and video news platform. Just like every other web email services, AOL also provide the ability to send and receive emails, organize mail by creating folders, etc. But the uniqueness of AOL email is the unlimited email storage.

This means you can save and store your important files for as long as you want it and never bother about storage.

The only email services offering member an unlimited email storage!

AOL email also secures and filters spam messages – and sending it to the trash so that you could focus on the emails that matters.

This page shows a step-by-step process on AOL mail sign up new account and log In, downloading AOL mail app and logging in with mobile app also. Including other information that might interest you about AOL.

AOL Mail Sign Up New Account Steps

  1. Visit the official AOL Mail website – here
  2. Carefully read and fill the in the required information.

    On the AOL mail sign up form, first, you will be required to type in your Full name (Your first name comes first before the last name), then enter the email address you wish to create new.
aol mail sign up new account registration form 1-image

Please note that in some cases your desired email address may not be available so you will have to either select from the AOL email suggestions or keep trying more desirable till you get the one available.

The create a strong password that only you should always remember whenever you want to log into your AOL email account (after creation is complete).

Your mobile phone number is the next to also enter. AOL will be using your mobile phone number to verify your new email account.

Then select your date of birth and gender. before clicking the “Continue” button below.

  1. Pass the test that “You’re not a robot”. Then click on the continue button.
aol email i am not a robot form-image
  1. Confirm that your mobile phone number is correct before you proceed to click on the “Text me a verification code”.

    Your verification code should arrive by SMS after clicking on the link.

    Please note that the code expires in 1miunte. SO be fast to grab your phone and check the SMS for the code. Always click on the “Resend code” when you couldn’t meet up to type in the code for verification.
aol email new account verification code-image

Enter the code, then click on “Verify”.

  1. Now you should get a notification page telling you “Welcome to AOL”
aol welcome to aol mail-image

Click on the “Done” button to take you to your AOL Mail account dashboard.

You’ll be redirected to another AOL were you will be giving an option to boost your PC speed, download mobile app, etc. You will see the “Mail icon/link at the top of that same page, by the left-top- left of the page.

On AOL email page, the menus are arrange at the side-left of the page. Now you can start sending and reading any new email that arrives.

AOL Email Account Log In

AOL email log in-image

Just like Yahoo mail log in requires, either your username, AOL email address or your registered/verified mobile phone number (check below to learn more about the AOL username, email address and your phone number).

Then click or tap the “Next” button.

Enter your password and click/tap the log in button below.

You should be in your AOL email inbox.

That’s just the simple step of AOL sign in both on mobile and Webpage (browser).

AOL Email Address: The AOL email address always ends with For example, if your name was Mile Jobby and you selected your email address to become, then that becomes your email address – you can send to anyone to send mails across to you.

AOL Username: Your username becomes the information before the For example, if your email address was to be or, or, it them implies that those information (without and without any space) becomes your username.

AOL Phone number: In order to use any phone number as a login to AOL account, that number has to be verified first. The verification is done during the initial AOL new account registration – AOL sends you a code to verify your phone number. However, you can also change your Phone number anytime you wise, which also has to be verified via the code that will be sent before AOL recognizes the phone number for login, account retrievals, and password change.

Something You Might not fancy about Your AOL Email Account

Aol Mail is a cool and interest webmail to use s an individual and business. But there are little things you may not fancy in your account, this includes;

1. Advertisement

Just like Yahoo Mail, AOL mail also displays advertisements by the right side of your account and the top of your account on mobile app, which obviously does not obstruct your task inside the email dashboard.

2. AOL News page

This may seems annoying to you especially being familiar with other email platforms that doesn’t showcase news page inside the email dashboard. Well, it may be annoying. However, the advantage out-passes all that; the only email that offers an unlimited email storage!

3. Email Replies Not Organized

This is something really serious, that if you’re not careful you wouldn’t know which part of the mail is a “REPLY MAIL”.

Other email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Yandex – definitely separates/demarcates the senders message and the replies, so every messages that comes, though are together but demarcated so readers could know where each mail starts and ends. But not so in AOL email – both the original email and replies are packed together.

AOL Email Mobile App Download

Is quit simple to download the AOL Mail mobile app from your app store. Although you can immediately download the app after creating your AOL email account – the link to download the mobile app version will be presented to you. You can also follow these steps in case you missed that.

In order not to download the wrong AOL email mobile app, use the link below for the device you use.

Download for iOS here | Download for Android here

Getting Started with AOL Mobile App

After download and installation is complete, launch/open the app.

First, you have to agree with the terms and conditions of using the AOL mobile app in your device, after that, again – you will be landing on the AOL news page.

You can always navigate to the email area by clicking the “Email Envelop” icon.

Then, is either you want to log in AOL email email inbox or to create a new AOL email account.

Tap on your desire and enter the necessary information to get into your AOL email account.

The required information on mobile is no difference with the AOL webpage. Therefore, the information above always will guide you through out the AOL Mail Sign Up New Account and Log In processes.

Argument and Verdict About AOL Email Account

We have go through seeing some arguments that AOL email never hits the inbox of the recipient (receiver) when mails are sent. But that isn’t true.

We have tested it (and still using our AOL email because its another great email service we strongly recommend) will show you right away;

from our AOL mobile app we sent out an email to a Gmail contact it hits the inbox straight. Below are screenshots;

aol email sent and received in gmail-image

AOL email functions fines.

Let’s hear from you through the comment box below, how you thing of the AOL email.


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