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Become a 2go Moderator

Going through our recent fans request to become a 2go moderator, which mean ready to be hired as a moderator then here are the information you need to get knowledge about.  We all know how popular 2go chat site is in African, and we understand that there are so many abusers and fake account and also write some groups who present  ugly words to one another.

So of this issue has to stop, not just that for new development to enhance the usage of on web, 2go App for mobile and 2go chat room. If you have a better idea for organizing and bring in new features then you can apply to become a 2g0 Moderator.

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This page briefly will show you the right ways of doing this.

Requirements to become a moderator in is that:

  • You most have an existing account with 2g0
  • You most have reached the level of “Professional” and above
  • You most have a good record online that you don’t abuse people in chat room
  • And you most not be a Moderator in other chat websites

How to Apply to Become a 2go Moderator

To apply give 2go Management a shout at and say why you should hired.

Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by the admin in charge.

Still maje use of the comment box if you are still confused about how to become a 2g0 chat Moderator.


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