How to Apply for Business Advertisement on DSTv Channels – See Price Rate here

A good business person or organization knows the power of “Business Advertisement” and best platform to advertise on. Its very important considering the where and how to start your advertisement because it not only bring awareness but also increases the growth of such business enterprise.

There are major ways to advertise business this includes:

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There are procedures to apply for this advert which we are only focusing on how to apply for Business Advertisement on DSTV Channels, this is because we have received series of emails and calls from our viewers who actually want to start the DSTV Channels Advertisement  for their business. Also we have included their Price Rate, but please note that the price can change at anytime.

DSTv Business Advertisement Price Rate

You see, while watching our programmes on DSTv, little time what we see is “program pause” and series of advert starts for maybe 1 to 3 minute before the program starts again.

Sometimes the programme will still continue while an advert will be showing at the other part of the TV- screen, which means dividing the Television screen into two-part. What we are trying to say in essence is that there are series of placing or showcasing advert on DSTV channels and this eventually makes the prices deffer from each pattern. But sorry we cant give the actual price for the Television advertisement.

We try as much as possible to avoiding passing across wrong information.

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Factors To Should Consider Before Building A Television Campaign

The cost of television advertising nowadays is like is almost the same amount to guy a new car, believe it as it is said. But you need to know what you want and what you have to gain from this advertisement, so that is the reason it all depends on your requirements like:

  • Do you want to do a “Call to action” campaign or a branding exercise?
  • How long do you want the campaign to run for?
  • What is your primary and secondary objectives with the campaign?


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How to Apply for Business Advertisement on DSTv Channels

We have tried checking out to find out the step by step to start the DSTv advert but no actual seance to that online, we advice you visit any of the DSTv outlets or DSTv dealers in your country (not agents nor sub-dealers), they will be in best position to direct you better.

The best place you can visit is their Office Head-office. Or for more information on their offices across the countries kindly visit Or Use the contact information below to reach their head-office and marketing personal:

Below are MultiChoice Office Phone numbers in your area.


Contact Number (with Country Code)

Angola +244923120000,  +244222698989,  +244226698989
Cameroon Sat Tech +23794284614,  +23722232995
Cameroon Spectrum +2373433045,  +2373426527
DRC +243815012318,  +243815565978,  +243815565979
Equatorial Guinea +240333090664,  +240333090665,  +24022280605
Ethiopia +251116639900
Gambia +2204462755,  +2204462855
Ghana +233302740540
Ivory Cost +22520316751
Kenya +254204236000,  +254711066000
Liberia +231888779618,  +231886510753
Mauritius +2304668585
Mozambique +258823788 (Mcel),  +258843788 (Vodacom),  +25821411222
Nigeria +23412703232,  +2348039003788 (MTN)
Rwanda +250585520,  +239226609
Senegal +221338253939,  +221338256111
Sierra Leone +23276667557,  +23278667557
Tanzania +255222199600,  +255768988800,  +255784104700
Uganda +256414330000,  +256312245245
Calling from Other Countries +27112893322

We hope from the above information you will now have the correct contacts and information on “How to Apply for Business Advertisement on DSTV Channels“. Kindly use the comment box below in case you have any questions or contribution to this information. We will be glad to respond as soon as possible.


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