How to Apply Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration & Prison Service Job Online

How to Apply Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration & Prison Service Job Online

To apply for a Government job in Nigeria is highly competitive, yet applicants have highest chances of being employed since the recruitment could be of different Governement Agencies recruiting on different categories of positions.

What we mean is that for each categories Government can employ more than 200,000 (and above) for each of them.  This has also been one of the major reason most Nigeria prefer applying for Federal Government jobs.

But some things applicant doesn’t use the right approach to apply for this jobs. Meaning, not knowing the right information to fill, not knowing the official job application website, and lacking follow-up.

There are important information or data you should have in order to apply for any Government Job, but we are not going to be explaining that on this page. You can CLICK HERE to see the complete information/requirements to apply for all/any Government job recruitment in Nigeria.

The reason for this page is to show a step-by-step guide on how to apply Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration & Prison Service Job Online. This is very important to let you know that; Nigerian Civil Defence, Nigeria Fire Service, Nigerian Immigration Service and Prison Service are under ONE BOARD called “CDFIPB”. Therefore, you can as well regard these Government agencies as Paramilitary services.

Do not get confused, individually have their official websites (CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST OF PARAMILITARY IN NIGERIA & THEIR WEBSITES),  but from this board, they announce when and how a recruitment will go.

How to Apply Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration & Prison Service Job Online

To start this make sure to have a valid, working and accessible email account. And for the password, you will be creating a password that only you will remember for logging into your account to complete your online job application.

1. Create An Account on

The first step you are expected to carry out is to sign up for a new account on . The registration form requires that you provide your; registration page

» Full Name (not nickname),
» Email address and
» Password. Make sure your password is strong. Learn here how to create a strong and easy password to always remember.

After you have entered that information listed above, click on “Register”.

Once you click on the register button, a Confirmation email will be sent to your provided email,  but sometimes you can check your spam if you can’t find in your inbox.

You will get a notification of that on the page.

At this point, what you are expected to do is to click on the link sent to you. This proves that the email is accessible and you are real applying for the job. Now you are done with the registration phrase. You will get the notification that your account is successfully verified.

Let’s go to the next step…

Now, you have to Login your account dashboard where you commence application. Your email and password are needed to login the page.

2. Login CDFIPD Dashboard to Fill Data

On your CDFIPD dashboard, you have different information to provide. Meanwhile, you are expected to fill them one-before-another. That means you can jump-start into any other form unless you finish and save them as arranged serially.

Every step of the form you fill and complete make sure clicking on the “Save this information” button before going to the next form.

You can see that we have labelled the steps just as it is required of you to follow and fill up every information needed of you.

After filling your “Bio Data” which they called “Personal information, then click o Save this information. But note that you can as well edit the information just in case you want to change/add or edit something from the information provided. Now you can proceed to click on “AVAILABLE JOBS”.

b. Select Agency and Position
The is the second step, which allows you to select from the agency you want to apply for Job, then you as well choice position. Click on “Save and Continue” to move to the next step.

c. Provide your primary & Secondary schools information
Here you are expected to enter the name of the school, then qualification (it could be when, neco, nabteb, A-level, etc) and your starting and graduation date. Once you are done entering this information, click on “Submit”.

d. Enter your Examination Results
Don’t get this wrong. What you are expected to provide here is your neco, waec or nabteb, but ensuring that you pass Maths and English every compulsory.

To start adding those results make sure to click on “Add New Results”. From the drop-down menu – click and select what type of exam, whether it may/June etc. also enter the year.

Now it’s time to start adding subjects. But in order to see where to enter the subjects and grades (one by one) – Click on “Add subjects”. Please note that for every subject you want to enter you must click on add subjects to select subject and grade too.

Click on “Submit” once you have completed this stage.

e. Provide your Tertiary Education Information as Required
On this page, first, you need to select what type of institution you attended, whether University, Polytechnic, College of education or others.  Then you type in the name of your school, the course of study.

Select qualification and grade. Date of admission and graduation date. Then click on “Save Institution” to move to the next step.

f. Provide all or any Professional Certificates you have
This part is mainly to present and add all other additional certificates and awards you have gotten. Provide the name of Award, the institution that awarded you and the year. Once you have completed this part click on “Submit”.

g. uploaded passport photograph
This is where you uploaded a passport photograph of you. Make sure it is recent and clearly can identify it’s you. Also, click on

h. Submission of Application
This page will show you a full summary of your application. Now you can check for the last time and amend those you feel its wrong. But once they are all correct you can proceed to submit your application.

i. Click the last part to Download your “referee form”
You are meant to download the form then give it to the appropriate people to sign as a referer.

Email for further assistance


1. Visit the official website to select which of the paramilitary recruitment to apply

This is the starting point of your application, although people tend to go astral by visiting a wrong portal thinking it’s the official job application website.

The official website we are talking about is

2. You should see the list of Agencies under this board.

3. Click on the logos of the respective agency to see current recruitments

In a situation where there is no recruitment going on you will get a notification “We are currently not recruiting for this agency.”

4. Now you will see their official websites and other information, including how to apply, the website to apply and requirements needed for the application

Here are websites to see each of the Agency’s application guidelines and portals.


From the links above you should know when an agency has released job offer. Please note that you will still go through the registration process. as listed above.

General Requirements To Apply For This Jobs

  1. Applicants must be Nigerians by birth
  2. Applicants must possess the requisite qualifications and certificates. Any certificate or qualification not presented and accepted at the recruitment centre shall not be accepted after the recruitment
  3. Applicants present certificates of medical fitness from government recognized hospitals showing he or she is fit.
  4. Applicants must be of good character and must not have been convicted of any criminal offences;
  5. Applicants must not be drug addicts or members of any secret society or cult
  6. Applicants must not be financially embarrassed
  7. Applicants must be between ages of 18 and 30 years
  8. heights must not be less than 1.65m for male and 1.60m for female
  9. chest measurement must not be less than 0.87 for men
  10. Computer literacy will be of added advantage.

Please note that the information and procedures on this page can change at any point in time. The website may be re-designed, the application process may charge, even the requirements may also change.

So we’ll keep following up and updating the page.

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