There are different jobs people can apply for in Nigeria. Most of these jobs are by oil & gas, Information & Communication Technology, educational sectors etc. Notwithstanding the avalanche of job opportunities given by the above sectors, there are numerous job opportunities by the Federal & State Governments in Nigeria. These jobs are open to all Nigerians irrespective of gender, ethnicity and background. Here is the step on How To Apply For Federal & State Government Jobs In Nigeria.

In these steps on How To Apply For Federal & State Government Jobs In Nigeria, we would give you the list of requirements needed for the job applications. This will facilitate your chances of being a successful job applicant.

How To Apply For Federal & State Government Jobs In Nigeria

Below are the top required documents you need to have available before or while applying for the Federal & State Governments jobs in Nigeria. They include

Please Note: Before applying for any of the Federal or State Government jobs, please ensure you have the above listed documents. There could be request for other documents, but the ones above are always constant.

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Important Notice

While applying for the jobs, please take note of the following vital information. Ensure you also strictly adhere to them to give yourself a fair chance of getting the job in question.

  • Do not submit multiple applications for the same job. It automatically disqualifies you.
  • Ensure your names are spelt correctly.
  • Furthermore, ensure that your heights and weight is almost correct.
  • Indicate if you are already registered under a pension fund administrator.
  • Confirm that your grades are as accurate as they are on your certificates.
  • Ensure that dates of your work experience and graduation are correct.
  • Finally, have someone re-confirm entered information before submitting.

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Do you have any question on How To Apply For Federal & State Government Jobs In Nigeria? We would love to attend to them. If there is anything we omitted, you could also share it with us using the comment box below.

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    Thank God for registering me in federal government job basically in secondary school teacher I said may his name be highly exalted in Jesus name Amen.

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    I need a job am a graduate am Interesting in working with federal government. Thanks.

  3. Oduremi bukola says:

    Am a graduate, I study business addministration,am interesting in working with federal govt.thanks

  4. Hussaini peta says:

    pls informed me when prison service and civil defence corps is out

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