Apply For Prepaid Meter In Nigeria

How To Apply For Prepaid Meter In Nigeria

How To Apply for Prepaid meter in Nigeria – More and more people are now using the prepaid meter in Nigeria. This is a welcome development. Given the exorbitant rate charged on postpaid meter users in Nigeria, this makes sense. The postpaid meters use what is called “estimated billing” to charge so high. As a result, the electricity monthly bill is on the rise.

However, the postpaid bill helps you to pay for only what you use. You won’t be charged on estimation. Rather, your electricity bill will be based on pay as you use.

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I understand a lot of people find it hard to get their prepaid meters. May be, you are even thinking about the processes of getting a prepaid meter for your use. In this guide, I will show you how to apply for a prepaid bill anywhere you are in Nigeria. The process is almost the same everywhere. Before that, what is a prepaid meter?

What Is A Prepaid Meter?

In simple terms, a prepaid meter is a system that allows you to pay for your electricity before you make use of it. That is to say, you will have to pay for power before using. This is done by recharging your prepaid meter.

As you know, Nigerian power distributors usually give you the power and charge you after using. However, the prepaid system allows you to pay before you use. This has many advantages.

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How To Apply For Prepaid Meter In Nigeria

What are the steps involved? Here they are.

  1. Go to an Electricity Distribution company around your locality and obtain the form for a prepaid meter.
  2. Get the form, fill it and submit to the office.
  3. Then, some staff of the company will be sent to your location to carry out some verifications. They will check out on somethings. Some of them are:
    1. Checking where best to mount your prepaid meter.
    2. Checking if its for residential or commercial uses. Commercial users are billed with a different system, etc
  4. Afterwards, you will be given the payment details. Please note: All payments are to be made to the official bank accounts of the company. Don’t pay cash at hand. You may be scammed.
  5. Afterwards, once your payment is completed, take the payment details back to the Electricity Distribution Company. They will document your details and other needed information.
  6. Your prepaid meter will be installed within 10 working days at the maximum.

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Cost Of Prepaid Meter

Please note that the prepaid meter is paid for. It isn’t free of charge. There are two major types of prepaid meter.

The single phase meter costs between #32,000- #34,000
The 3 phase prepaid meter costs about #67,000 or therebaouts.

How Much Is Prepaid Meter Form?

Please note that the prepaid meter form is free. Do not pay to anyone.

How Much Does Prepaid Meter Installation Cost?

Also, there is no fee for installation. The only thing you pay for is your money for the prepaid meter itself and your recharging fee. Any other money you are asked to pay is illegal.

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Who Pays For The Prepaid Meter?

Prepaid meters are not transferable!!! That means that, if you are living in a rented apartment, it is the landlord that has the responsibility of paying for the prepaid meter. This is because you can not go with the meter if you decide to pack out of the residence.

However, if you decide to have an agreement with your landlord on how to go about it, it is your responsibility to do so. Just be informed.

Okay. Now you have every detail need to apply for prepaid meter in Nigeria. Go ahead and apply for yours immediately. Goodluck.


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