Apply For Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Permit – Process & Requirements

Apply For Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Permit – Process & Requirements

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Permit is a body charged with the responsibility of registering all Lagos residents within the state. The residents’ registration comes with many benefits for both the states and the residents. This policy is in line with international best practices of nations and states having a comprehensive database of their residents.

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Permit Bill was passed and signed into law on the 27th of June 2011.  The law established LASRRA with the following functions:

  • To create a reliable database of all residents in Lagos State.
  • To establish the relevant infrastructure for the creation of a residents information database.
  • Also, to produce guidelines for data to be contained in the registration form.
  • Finally, to advice the government on mode of collecting data from the public.

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Apply Lagos State Residents Registration Agency Permit – How To Register

To register and apply with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA), you have two options.

  1. Online Registration

This involves where a resident registers through the net. A unique reference number is generated online, which the applicant takes to their nearest registration point or office, for their biometric information to be captured. Visit

  1. Direct Registration

In Direct Registration, the residents approach a registration centre within the state. Therefore, the applicant’s data is entered manually by the registration officer directly into the registration data bank and their biometric information is captured.

Therefore, registration and application is only completed when the applicant’s biometrics has been captured.

After Registration, What Next?

When the individual’s biometric data is captured at the Registration Station, a temporary Registration Card is issued for the applicant to retain. This will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue. This serves as proof of registration and must be presented when the permanent residency card is printed and to be collected.

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Registration Requirements

Below are the requirements for registration with the LASSRA. These must be taken to the registration station where biometric information will be captured.

  • Two(2) proofs of residency and identification is required: Rent Receipt/Utility Bill –of current place of residence AND any one of the following:
    1. International Passport.
    2. Birth Certificate.
    3. Employee ID card – must have address/logo of employer.
    4. National ID card.
    5. National Driver’s License.
    6. Student ID card.
    7. Tax Card or receipt.
    8. Letter of Identification from Parent/CDA/Householder or registered association or organization.

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All proofs of residency and means of identification presented must be valid at the time of registration. The Registration officer will retain a copy of all items presented. Please bring originals and copies.

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  1. Sada Israel

    How many registration does a Nigerian need to have, we have NIN, BVN, Voters, Card, Driver’s License, Nigerian Passport, Haba, Wetin dey worry our leaders?

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