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How to Apply Naira MasterCard in Nigeria & Activate Master Card

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A MasterCard is an international card that can be used in Nigeria (and other countries). The MasterCard is a card that allows you spend directly from your Naira Bank account in Nigeria and Abroad. Banks in Nigeria affiliates with MasterCard Company, to give their customers a high level of financial services.

When you apply Naira MasterCard and connected with your bank account you can start to make payments or purchase on the internet, pay for your goods and services at merchant locations and withdraw cash from ATMs in any ATM machines in Nigeria and abroad (irrespective of the bank or ATMs).

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Full Guide on How to Apply Naira MasterCard in Nigeria

Most of you all ready know about the Naira MasterCard but don’t know how to apply for it. Few Banks in Nigeria are still upgrading to offer their customers MasterCard in Nigeria. But some many banks like: GTBank, First Bank, Zenith Bank, etc.

Please note that some banks do not even offer a MasterCard in Nigeria.

In Nigeria Banking its either you are given VISA Card, Verve Card or MasterCard when you apply for an ATM card.

But the real fact is that you can’t Apply Naira MasterCard in Nigeria online, you can only gain access to this Credit card of your choice when you go into any financial institutions and request for it or go to the right banks where there offer the card (even without asking them).

There are banks already that gives MasterCrad – this banks, you don’t need to tell that that you want MasterCard, they will give it to you because that is what they offer to customers.

Charges to Apply Naira MasterCard in Nigeria

Depending the Bank you are applying from. Some Banks charges N1,000. But must have up to N1,050. Some charge N900. Just depending your bank that you are applying from.


List of Banks that offers MasterCard

Already from our research these Banks listed below offers MasterCard even without you asking or telling then its what you want:

  • GTBank Nigeria
  • First Bank Nigeria
  • Zenith Bank

While other Banks in Nigeria like Access Bank, UBA, EcoBank, etc also give MasterCard but you need to tell that its what you are applying for, if not you may not get the card of your choice.

About Nigeria Naira MasterCard

  • The Naira Master Card is Valid for 3 years – after which a new one is produced again (usually a week before it expires).
  • The Card is secured as it is protected by the most secure technology for card transactions: an embedded microchip with four-digit PIN known exclusively to you.
  • You can always keep track of your spending by monitoring card transactions on your account 24/7 via the Internet banking service, Mobile banking and any other Electronic Notification service of your bank.


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