How to Apply NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship For Undergraduates & Postgraduates

NNPC/Chevron offers scholarship awards on yearly bases to Nigerians. These opportunities are usually open to undergraduate and post-graduated in Nigeria to enable them to start and finish their education program.

It is NNPC/Chevron because Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its Joint Venture partner, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to be offering scholarships to Nigeria students. Of NNPC/Chevron is one of the highest paying scholarship programs in Nigeria giving successful candidates up to N200,000 to N400,000 – depending on the course of study and degrees.

Knowing the right time, requirements and appropriate steps to take during the application process is a vital thing to note.

And that is why we have shown below the requirements and how to apply for NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship For Undergraduates & Postgraduates levels.

Lets start with the undergraduates levels first.

Applying for NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship as an Undergraduate Student

The first thing to have in mind is the requisite for applying NNPC/Chevron Scholarship for undergraduates.

Its simple, but note that this application is usually open for 200Level and fresh (entry) students; which is 100Level. Also you must be a fall -time student at your institution.

Other requirements include that your field of studies MUST fall into any of the underlisted areas:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science
  3. Architecture
  4. Business Administration/Economics
  5. Chemical Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Computer Science
  8. Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  9. Environmental Studies/Surveying
  10. Geology/Geophysics
  11. Law
  12. Mass Communication/Journalism
  13. Mechanical/Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  14. Human Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy
  15. Petroleum Engineering

Application Requirements for Undergraduates Scholarship

Make sure you have the following documents to upload during the application season;

  • Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
  • School ID card
  • Admission letter
  • Birth certificate
  • O’ Level result
  • JAMB Result

Now ensure that the documents are named according to what they represent to avoid mixing up documents during upload and attach them appropriate when asked to upload.

Applying for the NNPC/Chevron Postgraduates

Scholarship is also extended to postgraduates students in Nigeria. Almost similar with the undergraduates; that you must be a Nigeria and gotten admission into any of the Nigerian Universities (See the list of Nigeria Universities here).

But requirements here may differ and will be listed on the application page. Make sure reading through the instructions thoroughly below starting to apply.

However, some common documents you might need to are;

  • admission letter
  • transcript (sent to the admission board)
  • first-degree certificate
  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • any Nigeria valid ID card to prove your Nationalization.

General Notice/Instructions to Undergraduates & Postgraduates Applicants

It scholarship application is done via the official portal therefore, NNPC/Chevron will accept applications through the official web site ONLY

You are meant to carefully apply just once, because any multiple applications attract a disqualification penalty from the Scholarship board. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

If you are selected, you’ll be invited to computer-administered qualifying tests in selected examination centers nationwide.

Also, if you’re short-listed for the qualifying test you will be invited by email and SMS text messages.

Make sure to provide valid and accessible telephone numbers and personal email addresses while filling the NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship online application.

What is NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship Application Portal?

When this post was written we can’t categorically point the official website of the NNPC and Chevron scholarship portal but we have something more interesting to share with you.

There is a general website to signup and from that day one you start getting free update even ever NNPC Scholarship, Chevron Scholarship, Total Scholarship, Shell Scholarship and other scholarships in Nigeria is ongoings. This is free, you don’t have to pay for anything.

But you can say/type ‘Thank You’ on the comment box and share this page to show appreciation

So simply log on to then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘REGISTER NOW‘. Fill out the form and submit.

Log on to your email in case there is any verification or action you’ll need to take (after submitting the form) then get ready to start getting free Nigeria Scholarship updates.

Step by Step to Apply for Scholarship

  1. After completing the account sign up at,
  2. Proceed to your email box to activate your account
  3. Click on (other link instructed to click on) to return to the Scholarship site.
  4. Enter your registered email and password to upload your information.
  5. Enter your personal information, National Identification Number (if available), educational information, other information and upload required scanned documents.
  6. Ensure the name used in applications matches the names on all documentation in the same order. Upload a sworn affidavit or certificate if otherwise.
  7. Ensure you view all documents after uploading, to eliminate errors during uploading.
  8. When asked to upload a passport photo, upload a passport photograph with a white background.
  9. Recheck application information to avoid errors.
  10. Click “Apply Now” to submit information
  11. You will receive an email and an SMS that confirms your application was successful.
  12. Return to, enter your Email and Password to download your profile and proceed to have your Head of Department sign the document.
  13. Upload a scanned copy of the signed profile, this would be used for verification.
  14. If the National Identification Number (NIN) number was not available in step 6, to obtain your National Identification Number (NIN), do the following:
  15. (a)  Visit to register and learn more about the National Identity Number.
    (b)  Click “Create Account” and fill in the required fields.
    (c)  Login with Email and Password to complete the form.
    (d)   After completion, schedule a date for photo and fingerprint capture.
    (e)   Visit any of the 37 capture centers across Nigeria (see to complete the registration process and obtain your National Identity Number.
    (f)   You can also do your total registration at the NIMC office.
  16. Return to and update the application with National Identification Number (NIN) to ensure completion before the APPLICATION DEADLINES OF NNPC/Chevron Scholarship Awards

Please note that the Closing date for receipt of e-applications is strict. And you are to complete all registration process before the closing date.

Also, note that the above-listed website (portal) address may change anytime. But don’t worry because we shall keep updating this page whenever we notice any new changes as regards to the scholarship application portal and requirements too.

questions and answers section image

Questions and Answers About NNPC & Chevron Scholarship Award

What is the cost of NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship form?

The form is 100% FREE. No body, nor organization sells it. Go online and fill the form and wait for the next step as explained above.

Will I be asked to pay any money during the online application?

No, the form (starting from publication or registration and even to selection of successful candidate) is completely FREE.

Is it possible that I can be selected without the NNPC/Chevron scholarship board notifying me?

No, you must be notifies by email, phone SMS for the next step. Also you’ll have your personal dashboard on NNPC/Chevron portal throughout the application period to help you monitor the progress of your application.

How long will I remain in the NNPC/Chevron Scholarship scheme?

You’ll continue to earn your award (cash funding) from the year you were selected to the end or finishing of your degree program.

For example; if you were selected as an undergraduate student and studying a 5years course and you applied in your 100level, it simply means that you will earn your cash funding for 5years (every year).

Use the comment box below if you still have other questions to ask about NNPC/Chevron University Scholarship or other scholarship programs you want to to discus with you.

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