How To Apply For Tinted Glass Permit Free

How To Apply For Tinted Glass Permit Free online @

How To Apply For Tinted Glass Permit Free

How To Apply For Tinted Glass Permit Free  – When most of us see cars with tinted glasses we think getting the same permit cost lot of money, but surprise to inform you all who wish to register for new car tinted glass permit or re-newer can now do all of this task online even without any stress.

And that is the reason on this page we have covered step by step on how to apply for tinted glass permit online for FREE of CHARGE and FAST.

How To Apply For Tinted Glass Permit Online for Free

It’s very important you know that as it is an online application process for Tinted Glass Permit, everything is going to be fast, so you do not need worrying, cos you are doing everything online. Here is the procedure on how to apply for tinted glass permit be

According to the Police, to obtain a new permit, take the following steps;

  1. 1. Log on to
  2. Fill the Application form online. It will automatically generate a unique ID nos for you
  3. Complete the Application Process by Login in with email provided and the Application ID shown below.
  4. Complete the Bio-Data form when logged-in and provide the details of the Vehicle you want to obtain a Tinted Permit for.
  5. You will need to upload scanned copied of your vehicle licence, and your proof of ownership which must not be more than 100 kilobytes each in jpeg or bmap format.
  6. Details to fill on the online form include plate number, engine number, chasis number and the insurance certificate number
  7. Make sure you obtain insurance certificate from a company registered with Federal Road safety Corp (FRSC) , otherwise it will not be acceptable
  8. Take the Print-out to any Police Command, to capture your biometrics and collection of your Tinted Permit Certificate.
  9. You need a NIN (National Identity number) to complete the application form. You can go to the nearest NIMC office for your National identity number. Registration is easy and takes less than an hour.
  10. Registration for NIN and tinted glass permit is free. It comes with a bar-code and your photograph.

Please Note that All Tinted Permit  is Issued to Motor Vehicles with factory-fitted tinted glass only

Please Use the comment box below if in case you face any challenges on the process of applying for new Tinted Glass Permit.NOTE: TINTED PERMIT IS ISSUED TO MOTOR VEHICLE(S) WITH FACTORY-FITTED TINTED GLASS ONLY





59 responses to “How To Apply For Tinted Glass Permit Free online @”

  1. Onyeka Collins

    I have a problem completing the online form. After uploading the particulars, I got a response that the site is unavailable. And I have tried it severally still the same

  2. Biose Timothy Ifeanyi

    I posted but no id was given I made a mistake in my email address how do I go about it?

    1. onlinedailys

      You need to edit you account profile then input the correct email address and save it. Or you visit the near by Police Head quarter for guide

      1. Augustine uwandulu

        I av done my biometric capturing at policy command over a year and six months yet it has not been approved. What will I do about it

  3. Emeka Okoye

    I have filled the form to generate ID application to enable me log in but it keeps displaying invalid password.Please, i need solution to enable me log in to fill bio data form.

    1. onlinedailys

      It means you are not inputing the password the way it should be. Please check whether when creating the password you used upper-case or lower-case or numbering while creating the password

  4. Adeniyi OLOGUN

    I did the registration successfully using my telephone handset. Although I wrote my identification number somewhere, I could not find it. It is now difficult for me to print as I could not login through my desktop. Please help me to obtain my identification number back. My apologies

  5. ezenekwe edith nzube

    I ve filled my form as instructed and it shows registered but d tin is I got my id number but which email am I to in put der before putting my id number

    1. onlinedailys

      I don’t get your question Sir

  6. ifidon

    I was at the police state command in Benin, Edo state to do my bio-metrics and was told there is a fee of N5,000 to be paid. How true is this, cause I thought it was free. You may get me on 08098590125, please.

    1. onlinedailys

      Sir, application for Tinted glass is not for free

  7. ifidon

    Ok, thanks for the reply.

  8. Toyin

    Please I can’t the form right now, is not alerting for typing. thanks

    1. onlinedailys

      Reload the page. Its a break of your network you use in browsing. But once you reload the page everything works well again.

  9. aguda

    I have tried to log in to receive id code without success

    1. onlinedailys

      what error message did you get?

  10. Charles lkem Ebo

    Thanks for the information
    I have filled and submitted and was told to keep checking on line
    Please which website, to find out if it’s ready for collection
    Thanks alot

  11. Charles lkem Ebo

    Which website can l log in to find out if my tinted permit is ready for collection Thanks

  12. adeoti

    i was trying to fill the bio data and information of the vehicle butbhe site is not loading, please help us to walk on your site.

    1. onlinedailys

      Its network issue, you have to try again. Better still try at night or in the morning. But its network issue.


    Good day, I tried to fill the form but is not accepting my email which I used to register my vehicle. Pls am I expected to use a new email or how do I go about it. Thanks

  14. ogu

    i lost my application ID,please how do i log on?

    1. onlinedailys

      click forget password and a form will show for you to get your lost or forgotten ID

      1. Lawrence

        please where can i find the forget password button.

      2. Lawrence

        please where can i find the forget password

  15. olaniyan

    Pls which of d numbers do they require for the nimc number on d national I.D card?? Pls I need response asap.

  16. Innocent Alaeto

    Gud morning Pls I didn’t write down d application ID number down while registering.. now am finding it difficult to login.. Pls Hw can I get d application ID number again..

    1. onlinedailys

      Click forget password and you will receive all your login details in your email.

  17. Olushina

    Now that we know that the permit isnt free, please how much is it? As Edo state police command is asking for 15,000….and additional express payment of N5,000.

  18. Chellen

    What of those that already have the old permit,can’t dey continue with it,I did mine in 2010 .

  19. Imoigele Longe

    Good day,

    I begun applying for a tinted permit in July, 2016 but was unable to complete the process because the vehicle is not registered in my name. I was asked at the Ikeja Police Command to get a Letter of Introduction from the initial owner authorising me to complete the application for the permit. In doing this letter I wish to know where (address) and whom (Person/Designation) to address the letter to.

    Thank you

    1. onlinedailys

      You are to address the letter to that Police office ” Ikeja Police Command” where you will be submitting the letter, for further processing.

  20. olanrewaju

    Good Team, please i want to know what the NIMC number is? is the application number or the car chassis no. or my drivers licence no…will appreciate your timely feedback. thank you.

  21. EndyChukwu

    Are we going to drop the od one and do the new one?

  22. EndyChukwu

    Are we going to drop the old tinted permit and do the new one?

    1. onlinedailys

      If the paper of the old one is still valid then you can still be presenting it until its time for you to do a nw papers for it

      1. EndyChukwu

        How did I known the good tinted permit or to check it online.

  23. Kabiru Muhammad

    Sir. I had started the process of filling the form online, unfortunately I was unable to save the Application ID, light went off therefore I lost it. When I want to log in I could’nt because I did not save the ID number, what do I do please?

  24. Anyia, M.C

    I completed my data capture since October 7, 2016 and up till now I ve not gotten my permit certificate, I dont know what’s happening

  25. Raph

    Good day,
    Please the NIMC NUMBER I am to put is the the ID Form Number on national Id card?

  26. Herbert nnebedum

    please i have old plate number (HK 952 ABC) must I change the plate number to new one before applying for tinted permit

  27. Gabriel Nwahiwe Irechukwu

    Pls which website do I check to know if my tinted permit is ready for collection. I’ve completed the print with all relevant information and paid the fees and submitted it at Police Hq at Owerri. Thanks

    1. onlinedailys

      Check back on that same website (on this page) where you did your online registration.

  28. Unueroh Godfrey

    Sir, i have a challenge and need advise from you. i bought a second car recently. As usual all relevant documents have been handed over to me. now i need to apply for the new TINTED GLASS PERMIT as the last owner had the obsolete permit. one of the requirement is proof of ownership which is the one i inherited from the last owner. can i apply for the new TINTED PERMIT using the proof of ownership that i now have? please advise me so i can commence the application.
    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. onlinedailys

      yes, you can proceed on the the application.

  29. Akinwale

    Good day to you,i mistakenly clicked finish before print out kindly guide me on how to get the print out as the application had been submitted successfully.

  30. Habeeb

    My boss at work already filled the application and printed it out and instructed me to go and do the bio-metrics on the school behalf since its a school bus. I took it to my nearest police command and they told me that the name on the print out is my boss personal name , but on the vehicle particulars it was Christycaleb international college. But during the registration, they only ask for the first and last name . So i am confused on how to put the school name so as to reflect on the tinted application printout instead of my boss name.


    Pls while filling the form I got my ID number but misplaced it how do I go about it

    1. onlinedailys

      Get it by logging into your account online or check your email which u used in applying/creating the account.

  32. Silas

    Morning sir, i fill in the application form online,obtained my application ID, login and fill my Bio-Data registration submit and now trying to fill in my vehicle registration, after filling all required space and upload my scanned copies of my vehicle particular and prove of ownership.
    When i submit it, the same page will come up without the scan copies of my vehicle particular and prove of ownership, i try it so many times but same through out. so what should i do now.

    1. onlinedailys

      Report to any Police Head-office for offline registration.

  33. Kehinde

    Pls how much precisely do I need to obtain new tintel glass permit from Police Headquarters

  34. onlinedailys

    Visit any of the Police Head-office at your closest place and get the important document needed for backing up your Tinted Permit.

  35. Gerald Agbaso

    Pls I bought a car that has tinted permit already do I need to go for another one?

    1. onlinedailys


  36. olufisayo Banji Praise

    how much is tented permit in lagos. thank you


    I was processing my application for tinted permit i got to a stage whereby my ID 1530650796 was issued to me,but my system went off as a result of power failure, i couldnt continue.when power was restored,i could no longer asses the process any longer

  38. Olayinka Ridwan

    God morning, please i don’t have access to create account or register online for Tinted permit since yesterday. Can you assist me on that or give me another website apart from

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