Apply For Writivism 2017 Creative Writing Mentoring

Apply For Writivism 2017 Creative Writing Mentoring

Apply For Writivism 2017 Creative Writing Mentoring
Apply For Writivism 2017 Creative Writing Mentoring

Writivism Literary Initiative is pleased to announce that our 2017 online Mentoring Programme is now open for applications. A project of the Centre for African Cultural Excellence, Writivism, identifies, mentors, publishes and promotes emerging African writers resident in any country on the African continent. Now, in its fifth year, the Writivism programme provides online mentoring to emerging writers of fiction and creative nonfiction.

An emerging writer is defined as one who is yet to publish a book. The mentoring will involve the emerging writer sending their work to the mentor (a published or award winning African writer), who will provide feedback on how the work can be improved.The emerging writer will work on their story under the mentor’s guidance. All stories produced during the mentoring will be automatically entered for the 2017 Writivism Short Story and Koffi Addo Prizes. Previous mentees can apply to participate in the programme so long as they have not yet published a book.

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How To Apply For Writivism 2017 Creative Writing Mentoring

To apply for the mentorship, emerging writers should send the following application materials to

  1. A synopsis of the story they intend to work on, for the Writivism Short Story or Koffi Addo Non Fiction Prize
  2. A writing sample from the above project, of 500 – 1000 words
  3. A personal statement convincing us of your suitability for the programme
  4. A short bio, including their nationality and country of residence, of 50 – 100 words

All documents must be sent as attachments in Microsoft Word or PDF formats. The email subject must read 2017 Writivism Mentoring Application. All applications must be received by 31st January 2017 midnight, East African time. Visit Writivism for more information.


  1. Story synopsis (Fiction or Non Fiction)
  2. Writing Sample
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Short Bio
  5. Deadline: January 31, 2017
  6. Email application to:
  7. Email Heading: 2017 Writivism Mentoring Application

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Whatever challenge you encountered while writing and applying for the Writivism 2017 Creative Writing Mentoring, we will guide you through. Kindly use the comment box below. Thanks.

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