Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. The Company offers a Chinese language search platform on its website site ““. That has made many individuals living outside China not been able to create account on the platform, because when they try to register in Baidu, but without a mainland Chinese number it’s not possible for them to register.

That that has to stop, therefore we have not only provided links to access Baidu Account Sign Up portal in an English version, but also show (with images) how to register Baidu Account Without Chinese Phone Number.

This means that you will be using your own phone number to do the registration, get your Baidu verification code sent to you via SMS, login, add pictures and more… all right on this page.

Now all you do is follow the steps I have shown on this page to complete Baidu registration free and fast, now and here.

Requirements to Open Baidu Account

You will be needing your browser, But I strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome, so that the translator pops up for you without stress. But you can use other browsers if you know how to access or use Language Translator on them.

You will also be needing a valid phone number, that can receive an SMS. It doesn’t matter the country you are opening the account from.

Follow the guidelines below;


Full Steps on Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number

Remember, you have to use Google Chrome (most recommended) or other browsers that can allow you to translate the page into English or other languages you understand better.

Baidu Translator

Let’s get started…

  1. Visit the Baibu registration link for Oversea users here:
  2. I’m creating my account from Nigeria and I will be selecting Nigeria (+234) from the drop-down menu bar. So, you should do the same at this point.Image: Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number On click on the Country Internation dialing code menu, you should see the list of countries with their codes. It’s left for you to search and select your country you are signing up Baibu account from.
  3. Now that you have selected your country or International dialing code, the next step is to enter your Mobile phone number. It’s not necessary adding your international dialing code again since you already selected it.
    Baibu sign up 2
    You will see a green check like this “√” once you enter your phone number correctly and the format required.
  4. The next on the form is to provide your Username. And from the instruction (as you may have seen in the image above) that it can’t be changed once entered, therefore, you MUST carefully select which name you like to use. There are minimum and maximum of characters required both for English and in Chinese.Baibu sign up 3 You should also see the same Green check once you enter an acceptable username or Baidu user ID.
  5. You can see that there is standard for Baidu password, that it has to be from 6 to 14 characters in length, It supports Uppercase (ABCD), Lowercase letters (abcd), Digits (like 1, 2, 3, etc) and punctuation (like #@!&%$). However, No spacing is allowed for creating your Baidu Account password. This is a signal of a STRONG PASSWORDread more that it here. In case while inputting your password, you may discover (just like mine) that even after entering the password as required that the “lowercase and punctuation” is not marked in green, Please do not bother about it just process to the next step of the form and you will see that it will be marked “” in green when you leave that section. But make sure you entered everything as required correctly.
  6. Now its time to request for an activation code which you have to click on the button for the code to be sent to you.Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number 1 On clicking the “Obtain SMS verification code” button above, you should see a pop-up asking you to first verify that you are not a robot, by entering the code provided to you in the box provided for it. See image below;Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number 2
    But in some cases, this box might not appear for you. It all depends. When it comes to entering the code as you see it, then you will receive an SMS containing your Verification code. But if the above pop-up doesn’t appear – that means you will get your code straight away.
  7. The code comes very fast with numbers and with a Chinese write-up. Just pick the code (as shown below)Baibu sign up verification code Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number 3
    Enter the code in the box required.
  8. Then check the box below to agree with Baidu account terms and policy before you finally click on “Register”
  9. Congratulations! (I guess that is what they must be saying in Chinese), you have successfully completed the Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number.Baibu sign up 7
    You should see this appear with the phone number you used for the Baidu account registration.

Now, let’s jump into our account to see how Baidu account interface looks like;

Baibu Account PageAt this point you can play around, to change your password, add pictures, check your account settings, also increase the strength of your password and account security. Even delete the same account if in case you do not want to use it any longer.


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Baidu International (Overseas) Login Account

  1. To log in your Baidu account click here
  2. So sorry, that the page may not be translated into your native language this time. But use the image below to see the right link to click onBaibu Login Form
  3. A new page will open for you to enter your Baidu Username (used during the registration) and your password.
  4. Then click onBaibu Login Form 2
  5. The next page to see will be your Baidu account interface.


If you have any question to ask using the comment box below. We will guide you through it.

Please make sure to share this page across, because Baidu Account Sign Up Without Chinese Phone Number is always a challenge to many. But following those steps will get everything through.



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