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Baidu Webmaster Tools Registration | Verify Acct, Add Sites and New Users

SEO is the key roadmap of every online business. If your services target China or Asian countries that you MUST have to optimize for Baidu Webmaster Tools.

Baidu is the biggest search engine in China, and unlike Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools, Baidu is available only in the Chinese language, offering a wide range of free metrics for websites through Baidu Webmaster Tools platform.

Chinese internet users are large in numbers, will lose count if such an attempt is made (to count). but billions of Chinese the internet every day, and that makes it worth considering submitting your site to Baidu to gain huge traffic.

This page further explains the Baidu registration process, Login process, Site submission, and verification process and other vital Baidu Webmaster tools feature that you can leverage to get the best result for your business.

Main Features of Baidu Webmaster Tools

Baidu Webmaster Tools provides four functions:

  • data submission,
  • search display,
  • data monitoring, and
  • optimization maintenance.

The Webmaster Tools Registration Processes and Requirements

Unlike other webmaster tools account, here on Baidu – an email address is never needed, only a phone number is needed for the registration.

The platform Supports the mobile phone number of Mainland China and overseas. An example of Mainland China mobile phone number is; 15800000000

As you proceed on the registration, Baidu sends a verification code via SMS to complete the registration.

Now, there are simple rules or you can call it strictness; one of it is that your name can not be changed after setting, and names are supported in Chinese and English, but to have up to 14 English letters or 7 Chinese characters in length.

Talking about English, Yes, Baidu provided both a mainland China and the Overseas website.

Mainland China: this is the official website presented in Chinese languages and everything you do here is expected to be in Chinese.

While the Overseas: is the English version of the website which means you can use an international number (your country phone number), that is a none chinses phone number on the website and it works fine.

You can Get started at the relevant links below:

Creating a Password: It supports numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters and punctuation. Also, your password must be between 6-14 characters in length (without spaces).

Now you know all you need to know to understand the Baibu Webmaster tools account, therefore, lets jumpstart to the registration process…

How to Create a Baidu Account

An article specially for this purpose have been published (with a complete image illustration), visit the page here, and follow the steps to Signup Baidu account fast.

Once you have created the account and verified your registration using the SMS sent to your phone number, now let’s jump to the next stage…

After you register your Baidu account, you can verify your site through Baidu Webmaster Tools following these 5 steps below.

How to Add and Verify Sites on Baibu Webmaster Tools Account

To make it easy for you, the links to be clicking on has been included along with the text. So make sure that you’re using the same browser used to login to your Baibu account.

Go here to start the site verification process.

Step 1: Add Your Site

Baidu webmaster tool image 1

The button above is a “Add site” button. So click on it.

Step 2: Provide/Enter Your Website URL

Baidu webmaster tool image 2

On adding your site, there you have to select (from the left side) between HTTP ad HTTPS; which one your website is represented with. Then click “Next” to move on.

Step 3: Set site Categories or properties

Baidu Webmaster Tools Registration image

The site properties here simply mean the site category. In other words, these are topics your website discusses. it allows you to select up to FOUR categories.

Then fill in the site contact info.

Step 4: Verify Your Website

Baidu provides you with three ways to verify the website.

4.1 File Verification

Download the verification file, and place this file in the website root directory.

Baidu webmaster tool image 4.1

Once you click on “File Verification” it opens a tab before showing a link to download the verification files with instructions to complete the step.

4.2 HTML Tag Verification

Add the code to your site’s home page HTML code between the <head> tag and the </ head> tag.

Baidu webmaster tool image 4.2

4.3 CNAME Verification

Use MBkEVoKinX.example CNAME parsing for

Baidu webmaster tool image 4.3

Among the above three options, we recommend you use the first method. Reason being that the code (verification file) will forever remain even if you’re migrating your website from one host to another or changing themes or applications on your website.

Step 5: Complete Your Verification Process

After you have completed the “Step 4” then you have to come back to the Baidu webmaster tool page and click on “Finish Verification“.

Now, once you have completed all the setups and guided above, then you can start using the Baidu webmaster tools as a website tool manager.

Here Is A Simple Page of Baidu Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Sample of Baidu webmaster tool page

Feel free to ask your questions through the comment box below. We are here to assist you.

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