Bank of Industry-MTN gives N2m Credit to Nigeria Female Entrepreneurs

To create and boost the relevance of Nigeria’s female entrepreneurs, the Bank of Industry (BOI) and MTN have collaborated to establish a business program specifically for the female entrepreneurs in Nigeria, train them, and assist them with loans and incentives.

Who is Qualified to Apply for the BOI &MTN N2m Entrepreneurs Program

The BOI and MTN have already made it clear that this entrepreneurship program is targeted to ONLY business females in Nigeria who display passion and full commitment to self-employment.

Both new and existing business owners are invited to apply for the women’s entrepreneurship program. The only exception there is that, an existing business owner applying MUST be TWO years and ABOVE in manufacturing, process, agriculture, ICT/digital services, and financial services. You’re also qualified to apply if your business deals in sourcing raw materials locally.

In addition to the above requirements for qualification:

  • You MUST have at least a minimum qualification of a secondary school certificate.
  • You are also required to have in your possession either of the following; Laptop, Tablet, or an Internet-enabled device to help you follow up with the program scheme.

Loan Details

After a successfull submission of the application form and training given to you, you may be qualified for loan. So it is important you understand the Bank of Industry-MTN loan deails.

  • A six month moratorim,
  • A 36-month payback term of the recieved loan,.
    On the other hand, payback time may be determined by the terms and circumstances agreed upon by the famale entrepreneur and the BOI.
  • The interest rate will become 2.5 per cent of the loan amount received, expluding a grant of 25%.

Application date and deadline

You have from now up to July 20th to apply for this entrepreneur program for females in Nigeria.

Image of the official MTN yellopreneur application page - Bank of Industry-MTN gives N2m Credit to Nigeria Female Entrepreneurs
Image of the official MTN yellopreneur application page

How to Apply for the Nigeria Female Entrepreneurs Program

To start the Nigeria Female Entrepreneurs powered by Bank of Industry and MTN,

  1. go to,
  2. read the information on the page and understand it,
  3. then click on the “Register” button,
  4. Fill in your details as required,
    Sometimes there may be a pop-up requesting your permission to accept the terms and conditions of the MTN yellopreneur application page. Just do that (click on “Yes, I Accept” to enable you to continue with your application).

The application form has several stages to complete, your personal information and your business information. Ensure that all information provided is correct.

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